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  1. Check out the Olympus line. They make several models that are waterproof for klutzes like me.
  2. Quote: Quote: Was this lake big and shallow (greater than 200 acres, less than 20 feet deep) or was it small and deep (<200 acres, >35 feet of water)? I've found huge slabs in both types of lakes around here. I don't think it's the size or depth of the lake, as so much its eutrophic state. Many of the lakes in this area are mesotrophic (some are even borderline eutrophic), and that seems to be the key for large slabs around here. Deadhead, I don't have my "Trophic for Dummies" book with me today. Could you please translate your post into Average Joe English? Thanks. Dobber
  3. I'm not ready to put the Harley away yet. But when I do, I want there to be ice on the lakes the next day...
  4. Is the choke stuck open? Is the silencer/spark arrester clogged? What shape is the spark plug in? Is the air filter dirty? I would clean the air filter, put a new spark plug in it and make sure the spark plug cap is on tight. Then kick it over with the choke on and NO throttle. If it fires and runs, slowly give it throttle until it will idle on it's own. Then turn the choke off and see if it rev's up and idles normally. If that doesn't work, go buy a Honda.
  5. 1988 Lund Rebel Special – 16’ 30hp Johnson Outboard Motor w/Owner’s Manual and Service Manual 12V Starting Battery Minnkota 12V Trolling Motor with Battery 3 Pedestal Seats Livewell w/Timer Bilge Pump Rod Locker Lowrance X91 Fish Locator Shorelander Trailer with Swing Tongue Custom Boat Cover $2600.00 Dave You can reach me at [email protected]
  6. Dobber

    tire leak

    BigBartGuy, When I get those slow leaks in my ATV tires I put a product called "SLIME" in the tires and they hold air seems like forever after that. Fleet has the stuff and so does any motorcycle shop. Good luck!
  7. Quote: do a google search for it Hayward... detassle is taking he head off a corn plant so it doesn't go to seed. My guess, is its not super easy.. Whew! Ok. THOSE kind of tassles!
  8. Quote: What is the "30 second rule"? Haven't heard of that one. The only "30 second rule" I know of is from the movie "Heat" with Robert Deniro and Al Pacino and it has something to do with not having anything in your life (emotional/physical) that you can't get rid of in 30 seconds or less.
  9. Back in the late '70s. Went fishing for a week up in Canada with my cousin and my mom's boyfriend. Caught walleye's to beat hell. Drank La Batt's Blue like it was water. Stayed in a cabin that had maid service and serviced the maid. Ahhh...memories.
  10. Quote: The bitterness of low quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten. Sounds like my ex-wife.
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