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  1. castmaster

    Humminbird helix

    Adding a 4th wouldn't do much IMO. The map screen is already too small to be useful when screen is split in 3. I added a Helix 7 G2N to use as a map screen. Networked with other 2 units
  2. castmaster

    Looks like c & r on Mille Lacs this year

    There was a decent article in the MN Outdoor News about release mortality. The study showed mortality rates as high as 80% depending on conditions. So all those guys back in 2011, 2012 that were bragging about c&ring "100+" walleyes off the deep mud in the end of July and August killed a whole lot of fish. Sad thing is I'd bet a good portion of them gripe to no end about how everyone else is to blame for what ails the Big Windy. The netting issue was ruled on by the US Supreme Court, not much that can be done there.
  3. castmaster

    Slush and water on ice.

    Fished a couple lakes in the Prior Lake area on Friday and Saturday. Slush had firmed back up, but anywhere there were ruts from trucks driving through the slush were filled with water and looked to be a sure fire way to get good and stuck. Hoping with it staying below freezing for lows might be able to sneak tge house out one more weekend!
  4. castmaster

    Unattended Lines?

    How is one going to see that flag go up without a direct line of sight? So unless a person has the blue tipz or strike sensors on their tip ups all the law does is contradict itself. Makes zero sense to say a tip up is legal while not having a direct line of sight when the means for detecting the bite are VISUAL!
  5. castmaster

    Ice Castle vs Firebrand vs Yetti

    So what exactly does that diesel engine do to help with "crosswind and ice or snow"? Nothing that's what. A truck with the same suspension, brakes etc will stop pretty much the same whether it's a gas engine or a diesel. The only thing you might get is a little more engine braking with the diesel. A 3/4 or 1 ton gas powered truck will deal with "crosswind ice and snow" the same as a diesel powered 3/4 or 1 ton. You do realize they make 3/4 and 1 ton trucks with gas engines? And re whole MPG deal is a bit overrated as well. Unless you are putting a lot of miles on the increased fuel and maintenance costs of the diesel will offset a good deal of the MPG savngs.
  6. castmaster

    Engel bait coolers

    I do like VTX and use the tray to hold a few minnows to make it quicker to grab one. What I use it for more though is to "stockpile" minnow heads. When running a spoon tipped with a minnow head I will get 6-8 heads and toss them in the tray. Makes for much faster rebaiting. IMO it's the net that is worthless. What does the net do except make changing water a tad faster?
  7. castmaster

    Atv for towing shack

    How big of a house will you be pulling? If it's smaller I'd figure out what your tongue weight is and whether you could tow it without the dolly in between. I'm not a fan of dollies. With them your placing the coupler and tongue of the house onto something with pretty much no suspension. Models with tires you get whatever "flex" there is in the tires, a ski model you have no suspension at all. That can lead to quite a bit of stress on the tongue/coupler over time depending on how rough the ice is your pulling it over. Cold/brittle metal and hard jarring ride over the ice can lead to failure over time IMO. I know I've personally encountered 2 individuals out on the ice who were trying to figure out what to do with their house when the tongue snapped off when using a dolly. Perhaps someone has come out with one incorporating some sort of mono shock designed into the pillar holding the ball, but I haven't seen one. As for brand, I think you will find a lot of Chevy is better than Ford type stuff. Personally I'm a Honda guy. Most all of my stuff from the outboard on.my boat, to the engine in my power washer is Honda. Have had zero problems with any of them. As for size, it depends again on size of the house, but I think anything 450cc or bigger you should be ok. If you found a 450 that's in better shape, better cared for etc than a 600 for the same $ I'd buy the 450.
  8. castmaster

    Utv in toy hauler

    Ridgeline has a tandem axle but only 18' + the vee, so may be smaller than you need. But their heavy hauler models are built for hauling a UTV. Core also has their new ATX model that they advertise as being able to fit a UTV with tracks. I also remember seeing somewhere that Yetti increased the size of their toy hauler doors to be able to get a UTV in.
  9. castmaster

    Fish house floor heater

    I'e seen similar set ups before. Could make your own for probably less than half what they want for those. Personally I think a few computer fans at ceiling height blowing down do pretty much the same thing and take up less room.
  10. castmaster

    Engel bait coolers

    I have the 13qt and would buy again in a heartbeat. Will eep bait for weeks, not days. Simply change out the water every couple days and bait lasts. I picked up a small dc to ac converter that the 12v plug from the Engels plugs into, and then that plugs into a 110v AC outlet. Cost around $5 at Target. Uses no battery power while at home. The truck has both the 12v and an AC outlet in it which means no battery use while in transport. Wheel house has both a 12v and 110v outlet just for the Engels, so again no battery use there. The only time it runs off the D battery is when running the portable, and it lasts long enough. Don' need to run it nonstop, turn it on for 15-20 minutes each hour, especially with crappie minnows/fatheads. But I also have an extra 12v outlet in the portable that it can be plugged into if need be as well. Best bait cooler around for use in the portable IMO. Once the lid is latched you can turn it upside down and it doesn't leak. Mine gets used 4 seasons, and has lasted longer already than 95% of the other bait containers I've used. And I'd say at least a half dozen guys who'e fished with me have gone out and bought one after seeing it in use. One other tip for using it in the hottest part of summer. I use one of the Clam battery bags for "Vex" size battety. They have a 12v outlet attached to the bag, and the bag has a bit of insulation to it. I just put the battery/bag in the fridge with the Engels and plug it in.
  11. castmaster

    Inline reel reviews

    I agree. They also work well in deep water. I can get back down noticeably faster with the 6061 black betty than my best spinning reels.
  12. castmaster

    Wheel house help!

    Use 1x2 (actually 3/4"x1 1/2") PVC trim boards for firring strips on the face of studs. The PVC won't absorb any moisture and works well as a thermo break from the aluminum studs. They can be found at any of the big box lumber stores.
  13. castmaster

    Inline reel reviews

    I have a couple 13 6061 Black Betty's and like them a lot. Also have a couple Frabill 371's, they are ok but the drag can get "sticky". Pretty much use them for panfish only. And then I have a couple Okuma SLV 2/3 fly reels that are great in shallow water.
  14. castmaster

    Wiring Wheel House

    Thanks for the replies. I think I'm best off just returning the AC/DC panel and going the other route. A lot less monkeying around.
  15. castmaster

    Wiring Wheel House

    Double post