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new a single reed duck call

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A single reed call in my opinion sound the best. I personally do not use one but a friend of mine swears buy them and he sounds GREAT!! Single reeds are much tougher to learn than double reeds. Not sure if you could find the right sound by the weekend, but I could be wrong!!:-)
Good luck this weekend!!
My two cents


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I'll second Mick Lacy.

I decided to put my hand made calls on the shelf this season and purchased 2 of the ML calls, the Mallard Magic and the Timber Magic. They are some of the best sounding calls on the market and for the price they are unbeatable. They make almost every kind of waterfowl call and all acrylic.

Oh by the way,
I always thought that the double reeds were harder to blow? I guess maybe because I learned on a single reed.

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Ice Leaders


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Hey Tom,

Now you have me intrigues about the Mick Lacey calls. I looked at them online and they are very nice looking and seem to be pretty sturdy, If I only bought one and do most of my hunting in your average cattail slough or field around MN and North Dak. Which would you suggest, the Mallard Magic, or the Tall Timber.

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I just bought a RNT call for $75.00. You really see the difference in the cheaper calls and ones that you spend a little bit more money.

I highly suggest investing in a call that will last you many years with intense calling.

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Each one serves it's own purpose. The Timber Magic is good of close in situations where you need less volume. The Mallard Magic is good for big water and windy conditions where you need more.

For $20, it is a VERY good call, should actually be priced more in my opinion. ML also makes a turned acrylic double reed that is priced in the $50-60 range and a turned Goose call in the $80 range.

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