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  1. tealitup

    Dog ate chicken wings, and feral cat problem

    Seriously drop the cat in a garbage can full of water? I hate ferral cats, but really you can be humane at the same time.
  2. tealitup


    I have hunted behind this dog. When you breed Kinsey I would like to get a pup!
  3. tealitup

    New Waterfowl Dog??

    Have you heard of a dog called a duck trowller?
  4. You dont! You admit to breaking the law and then bash other people
  5. tealitup

    Digging Holes again

    put on an e collar and watch the dog.
  6. tealitup

    Anyone want to shoot 300 rounds with me this winter???

    Maybe they should become a Fishing Minnesota Sponsor so they could advertise!
  7. tealitup


    Look at the Outdoor News Cuffs and Collars - you see alot of DUI arrests and assistance calls.
  8. tealitup

    Why is baiting illegal here?

    Since it seems the big argument is CWD and bait piles. So why not make it legal just during hunting season? The average deer hunter might be out for what... 4-5days of the season at most. Do you think 4-5 days of bait piles are going to contribute to CWD? I would also suggest - most firearm hunters do not "hunt hard" rather its luck. How many of those hunters only hold a weapon in their hand during the weekend of opener? Do you want to reduce the herd? If so, allow baiting for one weekend of the year. At the same point allowing baiting maybe "unethical" - which is another topic. How many firearms hunters do not care about ethical hunting if they can have meat in the freezer. In a perfect world we could say all are hunting should be ethical; however, those who only hunt opening weekend, shoot their firearms once a year -- do they really care?
  9. tealitup

    Mountin Lion near greenbush

    College professors don't make things up? Wait until you start working and see how backwards that really is!
  10. tealitup

    Camp Kitty

    Anyone going up north for muzzle loader the first weekend of December? Meet at hugo's
  11. tealitup

    Camp Kitty

    Our group has seen (not me) a lynx every five years or so. Awesome to see. I am hoping my trailcam worked and will have some nice pictures over a guy pile.
  12. tealitup

    Young dog and goose retrieves

    Well, since you have some geese to use - now is the time to train. Bring it home in a known environment and play fetch. Some dogs just dont like the feathers in their mouth. You can break this by playing fetch with a bumper a couple times - then throw out the bird in the same routine.
  13. tealitup

    Mountin Lion near greenbush

    this was taken from downtown Minneapolis - lots of cougars
  14. tealitup

    blocked trail

    Bigfoot was getting mad
  15. If you can hunt the spot - then you can hunt it with ice on it. Go for it!