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  1. 242, saw a big doe and a nice buck Friday bow hunting, then just a couple small fawns the rest of the weekend.
  2. I'd take the time to make a pile of homemade lindy's, spinner rigs, pre tie some 3-way rigs. maybe get into making your own jigs, paint some of your old jigs.
  3. Thanks all, the only reason I'm leaving it til Spring is because it's up north at the seasonal cabin. No chance I'll forget about doing it. It'll bug me all Winter knowing what a bonehead I was.
  4. Lower Hay Lake (Whitefish Chain) http://www.pinenest.info/
  5. To make a long story short, I was winterizing my Yamaha F150 and accidently put in 4qrts Yamalube oil and 1qrt lower unit oil. My plan is to wait til Spring and drain everything out and replace with 5.5qrts of Oil like I was supposed to. I'm not planning on running the engine at all before doing this. Is there anything else I need to do to be sure all the lower unit oil is flushed out? Will draining and filling be good enough? Could this cause any issues with the engine? Thanks
  6. Someone explain how this hunt works. You show up Wed, get in line and then have first pick of areas? Do you need to designated a spot, or you just simply are the first to venture into the woods in front of the masses and set up where you want?? Are you running into people all day out there?
  7. you arrive in deer camp only to realize you finally put those trigger locks on last year and the key is 175 miles away... $40 gunsmith bill to follow..
  8. I really like my Gorilla Lounger hang on....once I get it set up. It's a bit of a beast to hang at around 20lbs. Wish I would have gone with a climber.
  9. I used one last Spring for turkey and found it difficult to set up and takedown seemed a bit strange. Ended up breaking a support..probably out of frustration and trying to force something. I found it impossible to set up and take down without having to stand on it at times to get the poles to fold in the correct position. kinda bummed for $179. Should still work fine with a broken support, but I might just sell it online and move on. Anyone interested? thing is like brand new with one small flaw now.
  10. with ringworms and moxies in lakes, are you doing a steady retrieve, dragging, hopping along the bottom, snap jiggin? Or all of the above? Have you have any issues with fish letting go quicker than with live bait? thanks
  11. for the plastics veterans, what's you preferred method, Spring, Summer, Fall. pitch and drag in the Spring, vertical jig, troll spinners in Summer? Just curious. I definetly want to gain more confidence in plastics and their countless methods of use.
  12. Why are mornings not worth hunting late season? Do they stayed bedded most of the day and only feed toward evening?
  13. I thought the reel felt a little stiff for the price. I wonder if it'll get worse in freezing temps
  14. ..maybe take 1/2 a Xanax before taking the stand, this will help calm you down a bit, but not so much that you won't still get fired up and enjoy the hunt.
  15. Trying to decide between the two. Will be used for archery and gun hunting in typical midwest type woods. Usually spend a fair amount of time in the tree. Anyone have any comments on either/or? Thanks
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