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Taking a Toddler fishing-Tips? Precautions?


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My 2.5 year old Boy told me the other day "Daddy take me fishing, I just wanna watch you catch a fish"

So we are taking him to Demontrville after work (its right behind my house)

What saftey precautions, or other suggestions have you taken when bringing a yong one out with you?

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catch fish...any fish.

When I started taking my son years ago we just went "fishing." I didn't target walleyes or anything. Found out I had more fun than I ever thought I would and we had some great success as even how an adult would weigh it.

Plan on keeping it short, if you're bringing minnows he will want to play with them in the bucket as long as he keeps his fingers dry that will prolong things.

Take photos, you'll regret it if you don't.

If you catch some fish that you can keep for heaven's sake do it, unless he wants to let them go. If you keep fish to eat I'm sure he'll be very proud and like to eat it more than ever.

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Don't drill any 10" holes as they can fall thru them slicker than a cell phone!

Get him in a warm fish house!

Lots of snacks and juice!

Underwater camera is great for kids!

Take extra precautions from getting him burned from the heater!

Extra gloves!

And be ready to go back home at a moments notice! grin

Good Luck!

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keep em warm (plenty of clothes & stay dry)

keep em occupied (toys, camera, flasher, rod, bait, whatever)

keep em safe (away from hooks, out of hole, proper clothing)

keep em happy (when their done ur done & time to go)

expect the unexpected & go with the flow, what i mean is whatever u try and plan/prepare for the opposite will probably happen but keep everything in perspective for just having a good time & not worrying bout being productive

first time i took my daughter fishing @ 3 we caught 1 sunny within 5 min & she just spent the next 2 hours throwing rocks n playing with crawlers...follow their lead & they will tell u what they want

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Hey woodsie, after bringing plenty of grandkids out, you know the ones wink

I agree with above, but especially:

keep the trip quick/short - and key is be ready to leave at amoments notice like finlander said! smile (That is my bros ticket for taking young daughters duck hunting)

lots of snacks and a couple toys

let him play with minnows (maybe bring small bowl or frisbee instead of him playing in minnow bucket)

catching lots of anything is better than big fish

On the way home, even though you live close, stop and get ice cream/treat/donut/whatever. That help him WANT to go again! Have fun, take some pics!

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My 3.5 year old put one foot in an 8" hole on saturday and fell up to his waist.

I asked him if he learned anything and he said "I dont know".

He was busy immitating his older brother fill up my previously drilled holes with slush. They were having fun to my dismay until the incident happened.

I had 3 kids with me, oldest 11, youngest 3.5. A lot of the time they can entertain themselves. Catching fish is the most important.

Having their own depth finder or camera is helpful (maybe not so much to 2.5 year old) so they "see" the fish by their holes (provided they are fishing) versus just taking your word for it.

Music or other things to pass the time, but playing with the bait will surely keep them occupied for a while.

If you are fishing alone with your kid, maybe just drill one hole to reduce the chance of any mishaps there.

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They remember definitely stopping for "special" treats on the way home. I also bring a Treat tackle tray, hot chocolate..and extra gloves. Due ot the sound, normally hand augered the holes if we walked out, or just had them wait in the truck until I had them drilled with the gas.

Don't forget the TP if they aren't potty trained.

My daughter spent a lot of time cleaning out holes...and went thru her fair share of dry gloves!

Great times!!!

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They Will put their hands in the water at least once/play with slush/etc..Bring extra gloves, hat, boots...That may all happen within the first 2 minutes laugh

Have fun!

This happens every single time I go out. Extra gloves are a must. I also like having my kids help with stuff, like scooping the slush out of my holes and helping me bank the porty. If they feel like they are helping dad out, they enjoy the work. Having a shovel along and a scoop you dont mind if it happens to fall in a hole can give a kid hours of entertainment.

Good Luck!


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footwarmers even with good boots their feet get cold. I use to tie my girls off while in my brothers spearing house. Trips were alot shorter than I wanted but 10 years later they still want to go and for longer periods now.

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All of the above times 2. The first time mine went out on the ice we rented a nice big sleeper. Mom is not fond of ice and she freaked when she called to see if we needed anything from town and I said dry pants and socks. I guess he takes after me and had to go into a hole up to his waist as a young'in. Mom thought he fell all the way through. She still has fits whenever we go on the ice even though she never will.

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not going to add too much more than the other guys said above me, other than be prepared to putz. At 2.5 his definition of fishing is going to be completely different than yours.

Go look at critter poo and tracks, different kinds of plants, lay on the ice and look through holes if you have clear water, and heck- even show him the social element of fishing by visiting other anglers if you're in a community spot.

My son and nephew have more fun playing "landmine" on ice fishing holes than they do actually fish. They are 5 and 6 now but been going with me since they were around 2.

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Where was this post when I needed it?! LOL Thanks a lot to those sounded off. I know I didn't pose the question but this has been an awesome source of ideas. My lil guy is hooked worse than I am and it seems all I get to do these days is just drove the truck and pull the gear! And I'll tell you what, it was some kind of getting used to one another in that capacity. SHEESH! So now I find solice in my limited capacity of driving the truck and pulling the gear, buying the baits, and gas, and lures, and OMG! I'm getting depressed. lol

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OH! I forgot the greatest tool I keep with me... PATIENCE! I hadn't seen it mentioned and thought that, although obvious, couldn't be overlooked. Remember things happen and when stuff gets lost it is after all just stuff. No amount of money in the world is worth watching your child smile.

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