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  1. lawnbuilder

    Kdrill or Nils

    The only problem we have had with the kdrill is today we had ice build up between the center point cutter and the first tooth on the chipper blades. Once I cleaned that out it drilled like day one. Don’t need any other auger.
  2. lawnbuilder


    I don't go out to bring fish home. I'll keep a few fish in a whole year so for me lower limits stricter slots fine do it. Of course to enforce those changes requires the DNR to make contact with even more people. I don't mind interacting with them since I know I'm doing everything legally and they are just doing there jobs. I don't unserstand why people need to fill a limit of eyes or crappies or any other species of fish everyday and for some multiple times per day. I enjoy some fish but I wouldn't want that much. Keeping some fish for eating and not just sticking in the freezer to throw away later is fine but some keep for the sake of keeping. I think electronics especially as well as well as other equipment has made it way too easy to catch fish which makes it way too easy for some to fill out every time they go out. Personally the sharing of lake names shouldn't be a big deal-people should be able to use their common sense as far as keeping the fishery viable for tomorrow.
  3. lawnbuilder

    K-drill roll call and update

    My brother got the 6" with the Milwaukee drill no clam plate. We've use it several times already this year. I have enjoyed using it. Close to 40 holes on a battery through 12-14".
  4. Tried crawlers one winter and couldn't get even sunnies and perch to bite that were going crazy for everything else.
  5. lawnbuilder

    Mixing minnows?

    When I can keep air to them and keep the water fresh I haven't had much of a problem. When I can keep air to them and keep the water fresh I haven't had much of a problem.
  6. lawnbuilder

    Which kind of minnows?

    I go with a scoop of crappie minnows and medium suckers. They are much easier to keep alive usually.
  7. lawnbuilder

    Big Buddy Hoses-Which one?

    I I had a propane company make me a hose from a more flexible hose material. They used the fittings from the quick coupler hose I had. Only problem is unless I bleed it it can take a bit to light since I had it made longer for flexibility in running the hose from outside a hard side house to where the heater was. It's nice having it flexible for the flip house when I take the snowmobile and run across a lake.
  8. lawnbuilder

    Cold weather propane hose?

    I had a propane company make me a longer heavier duty black hose that stays even more flexible than the buddy heater black hose.
  9. lawnbuilder

    Warmest ice jacket/bib?

    Thanks for the info. The striker climate sounds like it maybe the best all around choice.
  10. lawnbuilder

    Warmest ice jacket/bib?

    I've been looking, but I am not sure what I should get. I freeze when I am out and would like to do more than sit in a house most days. I am assuming size charts are fairly accurate. This is the year to get something to stay warm and dry. Thanks
  11. lawnbuilder

    Best Baitcaster under $100

    Bought a LEWS last year and love it. My brother had picked one up prior and sold me on it.
  12. lawnbuilder

    Mr. Heater problems...again?

    I've used the big buddy for about six years. The only problems I have are pilot doesn't light burner very well and last year it took a beating in the portable behind my snowmobile. I broke some of the plastic panels which I may replace right now duct tape is working well to hold it all together.
  13. lawnbuilder

    Mounting a GoPro on a rifle?

    I saw on tv an iPhone scope mount system. I believe Jeff Foxworhty was talking about it.
  14. People troll right on top off me during the summer when I am working an area alone until they see me catch a few. So to have a permanent house sitting on an attractive spot for the season I would expect people crowding me. I try not to crowd people because I don't like it.
  15. lawnbuilder

    Go Bison!

    And people questioned coach Bohl and the rest of the team if they could play through the distractions, I guess they are showing everyone.