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  1. A buddy and I were having a conversation about the massive amount of fishing pressure the lakes in the NE part of SD receive...... Can these lakes withstand the amount of fish being taken from them? It seems to have caught up to a couple of the lakes in the area. Thoughts on this?
  2. I know a lake you can get plenty over 10in, but getting on the lake is the issue.... and its not too far from Oakdale......
  3. My buddy caught one last year thru the ice....and also had one swim up his hole that same night while fishing Crappies in about 25ft. of water..... There was a die off in that lake that winter, so that may have had something to do with the odd behavior.
  4. This page is growing...a gun sold a short time ago WAY, WAY under value... someone got a great deal on a Beretta! Too bad it wasn't me!
  5. What's nice about this page is it's more local than all the other ones....shipping on them other pages ruin what starts as a good deal.... there could be some good deals to be had here....
  6. There's a new Facebook page for selling/trading waterfowl gear in MN..... just thought I'd share it.... You can get some SMOKING deals on FB from time to time...It would be worth joining.... "MN Waterfowl Gear For Sale/Trade"
  7. Could you post a sound file of that call? It could be very useful!
  8. I would GUESS that we are in the beginning stages of the Flathead spawn. They're still fish to be caught, you can't catch them on the couch!
  9. If you're planning on fishing up near Taylors Falls you'd be better off buying some suckers and using them for Cut-Bait. If you need Bullheads contact me here, I'll trade you some for beer. Im 10 minutes from Stillwater....
  10. Let's keep "The Big Brain" out of this.....
  11. ...and the weeks prior to the Tourney, and the weeks following.... I'd look for less pressured fish for best results... The MN perhaps...
  12. I too started fishing the MN. I fished it because it was much easier to "dissect" than the mississippi. Even though I lived 2 miles from the 494 ramp we always drove to Jordan. My experience told me this....... There are more Flatheads per river mile on the MN. TYPICALLY the Flatheads I catch on P2 are smaller than on the MN. Good spots on P2 are further from each other than they are on the MN. P2 you're less likely to take out your lower unit. P2 is receiving MUCH more pressure than it has in the past.
  13. The Channels are biting, Flatheads....Good Luck. Go to the bait shop and buy some suckers, cut them up and have fun with the Channels....Better yet go find a few frogs, cut them in half and have fun with the Channels....they LOVED my old frozeb frogs from last Aug. on the miss yesterday. I wish I had more for today!
  14. Here's my .02.. I also use a Jon boat for Cats. (1542 with a 25 Merc.) 1.Put a floor in it, and carpet it, it makes the ride MUCH quieter, and makes the whole boat more user friendly. 2. Since you need a batter for your graph, go buy a 12V port, and mount it in the back of the boat for a spotlight, and cell charger...nothing more annoying than dead spotlight batteries. 3. If you put seats in it, spend the extra $ for high back or even better BIG BOY seats, they're well worth it after all you'll be sitting for extended periods of time! I've found that with smaller boats organization if the
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