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  1. Thanks for the thoughts. I have tossed around the idea as well of an off set smoker. The problem I have is in the size I want I can't find a heavy enough vessel without making one. That would add to the cost greatly if I had to buy that much heavy steel. I want heavy steel if I go that way as it will be residing on the NW side of the deck area and not much in the way of wind block in the winter. I am enclosing pics of my two current smokers. "Big Sexy" was a 300 gallon fuel barrel that a friend of mine and I built. We added dual fire boxes to it and have it set to do rods for sausage, a grill or a whole hog. We use charcoal and oak slabs to fire it. We can keep it as low as 125 for doing sausage or up to 400 for grilling. We haven't tried grilling much with it but we are quite certain we could get more temperature out of it if we tried. The second is my refrigerator smoker. This picture was not long after I first built it years ago. I have made numerous changes to it now. I do debate on making an offset smoke box for it and just keeping it instead. Probably would save me time but I also hate to screw up something that works. If I stay with regular or lump charcoal I can keep it pretty steady at 150 and have had it up to 325. Now that I have switched to charcoal and oak chunks it is much harder to control. I have also thought about and like the pellet smokers but mine sit out in the wide open and I don't want to be dragging them in and out of the garage all the time. I have not heard of too many pellet smokers that can withstand being outdoors all the time. If someone knows of one I'm all ears. I really don't need to build another but it's been about three years since I built one and am kind of getting the itch. Plus the wife says she would like something nicer in the back yard. Let me know if anyone thinks of anything else.
  2. So I have decided that my smoker affliction is raring up again and I need to build something new. I have seen a number of smoke houses on the internet that are made of cedar and look kind of like an old outhouse. Me being me thinks that would be funny in our yard ( the wife agrees if I just get something nicer looking than my old refrigerator smoker). So here is my thoughts on how to build one. Pour a floating cement slab. Keep some ready rod sticking out of it for the next step. Then build forms to pour concrete walls about two foot high or so. The ready rod will help anchor the slab to the walls. On one side of the concrete walls leave an opening to attach a metal door for stoking the fire and removing ashes. On top of the concrete wall build an all cedar smokehouse about four to five feet tall. Probably build it taller in the front and shorter in the back for a pitched roof. Here is where I am debating on really what to do. I generally only smoke with small amounts of charcoal and the rest real wood such as oak pieces or apple, hickory or what ever I'm in the mood for. Thus I think two feet of concrete should be more than enough as a firebox but am debating on using cement backer board to line the inside to make it even more fireproof. I am wondering if the cement backer board is ok to use in a smoker or if I should just skip it. I also want this to be somewhat insulated as we don't have much in the way of trees to the NW side of where I am building this and want to be able to use it in the winter. With my current fridge I can just move it to a calm area on the other side of the house but this will not be movable. I have two pics of kind of what I am going for enclosed. If I had a little more room I would love to build the one with the work table. Let me know your thoughts, ideas, concerns.
  3. Just wondering if anyone has come up with a good and easy way to insulate a non-thermal Denali? I have one that rarely gets used but maybe would use it more if I could insulate it. What are your thoughts?
  4. I think I remember this post when it first came out. I had an old Charbroil that I had replaced many burners and grates in and thought I would upgrade too. I bought a Weber Genesis 330 I think and HATE it. Huge gas hog, only wants to cook at 400 degrees and above(I am a low and slow guy). The battery powered lighter in it lasted about four uses and weber never responded to my service requests. I really wish I had spent the $40 for new parts on my old Charbroil. I did inherit a small round Element grill last summer. At first I was going to gut it and use the burner for my smoker project. Now that I am starting to figure it out it is quite nice. It takes a lot of playing at first to not burn the snot out of everything but it has now become my go to grill for quick everyday cooking. If I want good flavor I get out the charcoal or the smokers when I have time. Not sure where you find these Element grills or how spendy they are but it is not too bad.
  5. Two more quick questions. A reputable smoking and meat source that I have brought two things to my attention that I am curious if anyone else heard of. The first is that supposedly iron wood is a great wood to use for smoking. I forgot to ask if it is better for some meats versus others? The second item he informed me of is that everyone basically over cooks their meat. He says that at 143F meat no longer takes any smoke. His target recommendations for final temps were around 148 for beef, 153 for chicken/turkey and 157 for pork. So if you have a mix of meats you cook to the hottest one. This is a good 20 degrees lower than what I have always tried to achieve. Since I have started going lower in temp, I have noticed a much juicier result as he predicted. Anyone else using these lower temps?
  6. So a friend of mine and I bought a bunch of oak to use in our smokers. One thing that I am noticing is that even though the flavor is out of this world, I get almost no smoke ring compared to using hickory, mesquite and other woods. Has anyone else noticed this as well? I have done pork roasts, ribs, and pheasant with the same results. Anyone else have any ideas or thoughts or observations?
  7. Thanks guys. That is a very different way of doing it from everything I have ever seen by laying it on its side. I also never thought of a burner just from regular pipe. More food for thought I guess.
  8. So a friend of mine has decided we need to build a hog roaster/smoker from a fuel oil barrel. We have looked at a another friend of mine's and got some ideas but he only builds his for roasting hogs. Part of the reason we are thinking of doing this is to also create a large scale smoker for sausage. We will probably also be mounting it on an old boat trailer to make it portable. Any thoughts or ideas from someone who has knowledge of these kind of things would be greatly appreciated.
  9. IndyEFI500


    Since Frazier has perfected the ubercalm look on the sideline, maybe there is hope for Jerry Kill as a coach yet???? He couldn't do any worse even from a stretcher.
  10. If any coaches are fired in the next 48 hours then Rick Spielman also should be dumped. He had a major hand in bringing most of these idiots in. Or is he already in Mississippi begging Favre to come back, again??? Maybe the owners should be fired as well for allowing this insanity to happen. At the rate they are going they should get a good draft pick. If they can figure out someone worthwhile to pick.
  11. Tnks everyone. I talked to the guys at Sceel's in St Cloud last nght. he thought they went out of business for so reason or another. I'll just have to hit the small shops and see what i can find. They workd decent on crappie. I lost a bunch when some hammer handles came through and chpped off the light line.
  12. I am so glad I got to see one championship team play today. They should have just brought the Herd to GB. They coudln't be any worse.
  13. Either last year or the year before I bought some jigs that I had good luck with but I only have a few left and would like to find more. They have a red hook with a clear acryllic drop on the other end. Inside the acryllic is a round glow blob. Anyone know where I can get them or who makes them?
  14. The good old Bison/Whoiux rivalry was great. I always enjoyed the billboards on I29. I do Bohlieve I smell a threepeat coming.
  15. I heard a weather report of a large green and gold cloud swooping down from the northern plains towards TX with a high probability of Thundar. Go Bison!
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