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British Labs that Point???

S.D. Ice Angular

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Criteria, Well...

I have always had "Labs", and prefer "Females" so they are not marking and squirting everywhere. "Yellow" because my house is set up to show less light colored hair then black hair.

I have had a GSP now for two hunting seasons, and really like hunting over pointers. I thought I would throw in the "British" part becasue it sounds like triat I would also like.

But cannot seem to find anywhere that "British & Pointing Lab" go together.

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It makes sence, wasn't trying to be a smart azz it just seemed like you had alot of things going on there. My house is set up for a dark colored dog ( not on purpose) so I prefer a black dog but not for those reasons I prefer a black dog because it's much easier to find a well bred black dog than a yellow or a chocolate. I'm not a big fan of the pointing lab craze because I feel the main purpose of the lab was and still is to retrieve with marking ability being of utmost importance, so when you throw in the pointing part I personally feel that breeders are putting more importance on a trait the dog was never originally bred to do. I do have a fairly good understanding of the pointing labs, have hunted over a few, gunned at a couple APLA tests and own a 13 year old female that is out of 2 highly titled parents, she never has pointed. She has been an excellent gundog and companion but not a very good marking dog, had her spayed at 2 years old because of her lack of marking ability.

I feel if you want a pointer get a pointer, if you want a lab get a hard flushing, marking machine.

On to the British issue, I have nothing against the dogs because there all labs and thats where all labs came from, but I do have a problem with how some of the US breeders market these dogs. The same traits that these guys are pushing in there adds can be found in our FT bred dogs as well.

I don't think you'll find a litter with all that your looking for plus health clearences. Good luck in your search you may want to look up the APLA organization and contact someone there.

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Todd, No Problem I never took it as being a smart AZZ at all.

I know I am one picky Bassterd, and I am fine with that I know what I want in a dog and will hold off and and will pay for it when I find it.

I appricate your feed back Todd, as I think you are connected!!!

I have read some of your other posts on the "British Topic" but I don't really understand what you all refer to as the "Marketing Part" of it.

I guess I don't get it.

Anything you can shed light on I would like to know..

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I believe what people are referring to when they disparage "marketing hype" is the over-selling of the British angle. Most advertising implys, if it doesn't come right out and state it, that the British labs are smarter, faster, easy handling, prettier,and all-around super dogs. They are not. They are nice dogs and are physically different (for the most part) then dogs from this side of the Atlantic: smaller, broader chests,blockier bodies in general. Many who sell them push them as the Mercedes-Benz of hunting dogs. Some of the hype is the equivalent of late-night TV huckstering of knives and gadgets.

To me-and this is one man's observation, they are gentle, easy going dogs, what I would call "soft" i.e. easily "offended" if you are too hard on them in trainig, which probably would make them somewhat easier to train and handle IF you don't come down on them too hard. But as I said, that is one mans opinion.

They are not super dogs. They should not command fancy prices, they do not assure you become a titled gentleman shooting a Purdy and wearing tweeds.

Just don't believe all the overblown advertising.

Others will, I am sure, provide other insights.

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My only British info has come via the interweb so it has to all be true and up to date.

I guess as I stated earlier my main search is for a Female Yellow (Preferably White) Pointing Lab. the British part was just going to be an additional trait I thoguht would be nice.

So if anyone knows of a litter of pointing labs that will be ready in mid march drop me a note or something.


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As Todd mentioned, the APLA has a HSOforum complete with "classifieds" section of pending litters. I used it about 5 years ago to help me find a PL. Be advised, though, it could be challenging to line up a specific color/gender pup in only about a 3-month window, especially from ALPA breeders. Many of these breeders have waiting lists much longer than that. It took me about 6 months, and I drove about 300 miles to pick up my pup. Quality breeders closer to me had wait times of about a year. Good luck!!

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I'd second Cashmans too. Buddy of mine has had two from Holzinger and they did point quite a bit and real good dogs.

From your original post the other day I was thinking of these people all along but didn't post. Don't know them other than through friends dogs.

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Check out Holzinger kennels. Terry has a British lab Baker he studs out. I have bred to baker he is a great dog. Id call him. I will be having litter. In the spring it will be Raider line breeding.

Good luck..

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Well said, Todd.

How was turn out at Dec. trial? I am hoping to get there in Jan.

Pretty good considering the weather. Around 70 entries I think. The Dec. on is tough because you have the least amount of daylight and we used every bit of it. Hope to see you there in Jan..

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We bought a british lab last spring after quite a bit of research on breeders and the breed in general. All of my previous experience had been with pointing breeds. I think that what you will find is going to be a dump shoot. These dogs are retrievers. So picking a puppy and expecting it to be a solid pointer may or may not work out. They all have different natural instinct to point or not. We bought our pup from John at Royalty British Labs in Milaca. We were very happy with the way things worked out. The dog has been awesome and he does point on his own. It is not something we have forced on him during training. If I wanted a surefire pointing lab I would buy a started dog.

Jason Erlandson

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