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  1. Todd Caswell

    Thick ice, go to auger gas or cordless

    I can't think of one reason to ever have a gas auger again... I get around 20 holes per battery this time of year with a lazer 7 inch
  2. Todd Caswell

    New Early Ice Mille Lacs Video (Superior Angling)

    No thanks on the fishing outside in those conditions, you can still hole hop in a one man flip shelter and be effective, when you get a bit older it will make scence
  3. Todd Caswell

    2017 Pheasant reports

    I personally wouldn't have taken it, never trained a pointer but I train my labs to sit on the flush, problem solved.
  4. Todd Caswell

    Wet Deer opener on the way.

    You get 60 plus packages of meat out of an 8 pointer, must have been a BIG 8 pointer..
  5. Todd Caswell

    hot pepper recipes?

    Care to share the recipie for the hot sauce < i have alot of peppers this year
  6. Todd Caswell

    Pork butt wont pull

    You could get the same effect and make it easier on yourself by adding liquid smoke to the crock pot and skipping the first two steps if your not going to finish it in the smoker
  7. Todd Caswell

    First Oriole of the season!

    Blue birds in the house Purple martins, one landed on the speaker I had playing a purple martin "tune" Checking out the house
  8. Todd Caswell

    First Oriole of the season!

    There here fill up your jelly
  9. Todd Caswell


    Tough to tell could be a sprain or a strain ( soft tissue dammage) or it could be a knee, sounds like a trip to the vet is in order..
  10. Todd Caswell

    Best Gloves for Ice Fishing

    I like my ice Armor mitts but i can tell you they are not Water proof, I don't believe they have a gore Tex linner.
  11. Todd Caswell

    Stacking Bodies

    When we fish portables we all have our own
  12. Todd Caswell

    Propane auger

    electric all the way
  13. Todd Caswell

    Deeper Fish Finder as a Flasher.

    Think I'll stick with the vexilar, to many negitives to list, the main two would be poor battery life on a phone in cold temperatures, and the likely hood of dropping it down the hole.