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  1. You did the right thing. Quit worrying about it.
  2. Friend of mine used to own the Port Of The Islands Club so have wandered around down that way a bit. If you can work it out try to get a guide and get into some of the back channels where you can catch some larger and more active fish, snook, baby tarpon etc. Lots of fun. Plenty of fish down in the part of the world. Have fun!
  3. Sure. They'll all be out. All they gotta do is slide them down to the lake on the ice and snow pack. Maybe a push with somebody's sled.
  4. I only row now, in a little13 foot boat. There may be a zerk in my oarlocks but I have not found it.
  5. Ha Ha Ha! I can spell pretty well and am very familiar with grease ZERKS but my mathematics skills are pretty shabby. And I was less than honest when I said I had been using them all those years. Actually I'm just old enough to not be able to remember the last time I greased a ZERK. Or baited a hook. Or missed a pheasant.
  6. Finally somebody tumbled to my note wherein I spell the word correctly. I've been using zerks since way back in 1926 when they were invented. Nope, the guy who invented them was not named Zerk. Most modern cars have few or none.
  7. The addition of scopes to muzzle loaders makes more apparent the lack of understanding about the whole sport. Way back when a bunch of guys (now older) thought it would be fun and much more sporting to hunt with the weapons of their grandfathers, old flintlocks, percussion guns etc. so everybody who could find a safe old black powder weapon joined in the fun. Half the time nobody got a thing but it was fun, and so were the casual matches between guns and shooters. Then it all went to hell when competition got into the picture and you had to have the fanciest new whiz bank rifle and improved all the parts and pieces and there it all went....poof, right down the chute. Sure they are still fun to shoot but I suspect the main reason people get involved now is so they can EXTEND their personal season a bit more. There should be ONE season and you can shoot whichever you choose, modern rifle of muzzle loader. No crossbows and no gamma-ray gunns.....just hunting the old way. Imagine how proud you'll be when you arrive home with your nice buck and when your friends ask you what you used to shoot it and you say "Great cranpa's old muzzle loader,: Now THAT will make your proud.
  8. I believe most folks would wholeheartedly support grease ZERKS and their purpose. It is likely many folks overlook them and of course that will create problems. Keep them clean and hit 'em with a squeeze or two of the right grease for the purpose and odds are you will not have a problem in that area. I suspect too many ZERKS are neglected. Others will help advise you on this as I am not familiar with the use you are considering, but there is no question grease ZERKS serve a purpose.
  9. That is not a high end rod nor does it have a sterling reputation. But if you like it and it works for you, who cares. However do not spend a lot of money on a set of guides-$20 tops. Carefully remove the remains of the old guide with a razor blade, changing them often. Usually when you get the end under the ring cut you can unwrap a lot of the old wrappings. Then lightly and carefully sand the are where the wrapping finish was, get it smooth as you can. Wrap the new guides over the old scrapes of the original guides. Finish with whatever is the hot item today. Don't put it on too thick. And don't GOUGE into the blank material when cleaning the old guides off. You should be able to get several more years service while you save up for a nice Loomis designed by my old pal. You're welcome from somebody who has done a few thousand wraps!
  10. The quick and correct answer is......(drum roll).....YES!
  11. Keep in mind fellas they are noted for their rabies propensity. Don't get paranoid, but be alert.
  12. Well, fellas, lemme tell ya: I've had one terrific life and done more things than you'd probably believe. In fact I told my wife one evening shortly after we had moved to the lower 48, "I think you had best cool it with some of your recollections of our time and adventures in the North because I get the feeling most people won't believe you anyway. And to this day we don't shoot off our mouth too much just for that reason. EVERYBODY should be as lucky as I have been!!
  13. Just make a point of telling the shop people to use a torque wrench and then tell them the value you want on your vehicle, which you will have gotten from the manual. My Benz's have aluminum wheels for the most part and you can distort and ruin one it a Millenial Ape gets at them with a giant super powered wham-bam air powered wrench. I've found too many that know drugs, not lugs.
  14. I can recall, farther back than you think, of running into one now and then and finding one inn a trap from time to time. And this was MORE than fifty years ago, so they've been around a while. Maybe just an uptick in the population in southern MN.
  15. Couple things to keep in mind. Various wheels will require varying torque settings and it should be ON the wheel, or in the owners manual. If you are in a shop make a point of TELLING them what torque settings you want used on your tires/wheels. And of course big difference if you have steel or cast aluminum wheels. Years back, believe it or no, some Dodge trucks would tighten turning LEFT and then on the other side they would tighten turning RIGHT! You need not ask me how I know this but it all took place in the middle of the Yukon Territory.
  16. Not knocking any duck shooters, but have you ever noticed how much prettier birds are in flight than when they are piled up in the mud or on the deck of a boat of tossed in the back of a truck? When you get to be an old guy, with eighty seasons behind you, things like that occur to you. Still love to see them coming in fast to the decoys in early light!
  17. And Tom Brady walks right off the field without even shaking hands with Eagles QB or anybody else on the other team. Way to go with a class act Brady.
  18. Both these guys area right.
  19. Do big bunches of redheads still hang out in the basin right in Rockport?:) And how is poor Rockport looking these days? It really took a beating from the big storm. Didn't ever get around to hunting the area but spent two or three winters there a few years back. Lots of good fishing and pleasant weather most of the time. BUT it can get chilly!! Glad you had fun; it's always nice to see flocks of ducks even if you don't actually get a shot at them.
  20. Before anybody buys an M-1 Garand they should be required to lug it ten miles in the rain and mud and then shoot it twenty times to make sure it's alright. Then tear it apart and clean it thoroughly and then do the whole thing over again. Ha Ha Ha!!
  21. I believe the Japanese pistol you like is the Japanese NAMbu. I have shot one a few times. No big deal.
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