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  1. I've had great luck with mine. But what about wiring. Maybe it isn't getting power. Jason
  2. Depending on how often you need to sharpen blades. It may be a better idea to buy a regular Lazer drill bottom. Jason
  3. I guess I look at it from the retailers point of view. $10 replacement is more than fair. Shipping a rod will cost between $15 and $25 depending on distance, length of the rod, and packing materials. On a $20 rod the retailer made about $7.00. Even if the manufacturer reimburses the store for the rod, the store still loses at least $8.00 by replacing it for you. Too many customers like that will force you out of business. Jason Erlandson
  4. They do not. The most value the rod has is right after they are discontinued. I learned this when I found a rod in the box here at the store a year after they discontinued. Very tough to sell. When users move on to the next product it is pretty hard to get them to go back. Especially as technology gets better. Jason
  5. We like Lee's motor lodge in Chamberlain. Nothing fancy, but it is clean, reasonable and has plug ins for the boat. Jason
  6. I really like my Columbia. I had one for about ten years and the seam tore. Columbia sent me a new one to replace it. The new one was even nicer. My wife loves her Dranke 3-1. You can't go wrong with either. Jason
  7. Best nets on the market. You will love it. Jason Erlandson
  8. I see the concern about the guide fishing. To be honest, usually if the guide is working hard there isn't a lot of time to fish. Between baiting lines, untangling, re-tying, and running the boat it is time consuming. When the bite is slow, most customers do not mind. And it is nice to get a few bites for customers that need a little help, especially the kids. I've seen them fish more for reading the mood of the fish and understanding the conditions. Some customers even encourage the guide to help put a few in the box for them. Jason Erlandson
  9. Been in this business my whole life. It can be enjoyable to be a fishing guide but you need to be realistic. It is a tough way to make a living. Very competetive. Insurance- Yes. Decent equipment that will outfit at least three anglers besides the guide. If you are short on cash, buy it used to save money, but make sure it is somewhat modern and most importantly, clean. You will be way ahead if you use the money you make guiding to supplement a full time income. Or your wife has a great paying job and will let you play with guiding. The best way to break into the business is to hang around where the established guides hang out. Bait shops, tackle stores, resorts etc. Make friends with them and offer to fill in anywhere they need you. Being a good angler helps but is not the most critical part of the puzzle. You need to be a salesman. You sell yourself. Hopefully your personality fits. Jason Erlandson
  10. I'm going to chain up my Polaris 500. They fit so tight it is a chore. Eventually I get them on. But is there a technique that makes it easier? Jason
  11. I broke a handle a couple years ago on a solo. I called the factory and they sent me one. I think it cost me about $30 or so. Only took about 5 minutes to fix. Pretty easy. Jason
  12. I used Trilene XL forever but the last few years I've switched to Stren. They are both good but I like the blue tint of the stren more and more. Jason
  13. 2003 Warrior 2090 and 135 hp Mercury Optimax tiller. Excellent condition and well cared for, one owner. Always stored inside and winterized by professionals. Very clean. New tires on Warrior trailer. Replaced the water pump two weeks ago. About 400 hours on the engine. Lowrance x104, Lowrance 522, Minn Kota Vantage 74, and Minn Kota Maxxum 74 on the bow, on board charging system, custom travel cover, 4 warrior seats plus a butt seat, rod holders and more. Will sell without electronics if needed. Over $5000 in upgrades. Selling because we can't use it it this year. It is a great boat. Asking $21900. Please call us at 218-963-2401. Jason or Dave.
  14. Go with a 7' medium or medium-heavy. I prefer the med-heavy and I do exactly the same as you. Something for bass and pulling bouncers. I like that I can snap through the weeds a little easier when casting cranks. I'd think about the St Croix premier. Jason Erlandson
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