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  1. With the season done, I'd be interested to know your grade for it. I give mine an A. I've only been doing this 6 years, but this was my best season yet. My lab really hit her stride...and some preseason time at the range helped me connect more than last year. We saw birds every time out, even as season ended. (I hunt public land only in Central Mn.) I was surprised by the lack of hunters encountered, especially for as nice of weather as we had, (How awesome was that?) I think the nice weather kept the birds from bunching up in heavy cover, although I did flush some roosters out of heavy cover way earlier than I would have thought. Of course, though, the best part was hitting the fields with family and friends! As I write this on the first Saturday after the season has ended, I think my lab already is looking at me and asking "When can we go again?" October is a long way off, girl. Maybe we will have to hit a game farm in a month or so. And you?
  2. My update: hunting continues to be consistent. Opportunities every time out, and enough hits to put some food on the table. Roosters, though, are getting smarter. Be an interesting last month of the season. Hope heavy snow stays away!
  3. Thought I'd start a thread aimed at sharing rooster reports this season. Here's mine: Been out 3-4 times. Bagged 5 birds, including a solo limit. I hunt public land in Central Mn. Seeing equal numbers of hens and roosters....not as many hunters as I expected....so far. Also, quite dry in most places I've hunted so far. Might be a while before I get out again thanks to kids sports and deer season. How are you doing?
  4. herm

    Cracked nail...tips?

    My lab cracked a nail yesterday. Never had that happen. Here's what I've done: stopped minor bleeding, trimmed, applied neosporin, wrapped and socked it. Removed that today to check/clean. So what should I do next? Keep it wrapped? Some folks say apply superglue. ??? Go to vet? Just looking for advice. She seems pretty unfazed by it all. Only time she cringed was cleanup/trim. Also, what should I expect the nail to do from here? Advice welcome! Thanks in advance!
  5. Finished my season today. Friend and I hit three spots and hunted each about an hour. Didn't see a bird. Brutal cold and wind, but, you know, I still had fun! Overall, this was my worst of the 5 years I've been chasing roosters on public land. I really struggled the last month on public lands. Saw lots of hens but very few roosters and even fewer in gun range. Is it just me? Before next season, I vow to spend time at the range. I owe it to my dog. Promise. How would you grade your season? I give mine a C. Would have been a B if I shot better.
  6. CaptainMusky, Yes. I've seen them on private and public land the past few years no farther than Little Falls.
  7. Hit public close to home for a few hours Sunday afternoon with a buddy. Flushed 1 rooster wild, another I missed (although it was on edge of gun range , plus a few grouse. Heard others crowing in the fog. Weird. All in all, a decent trip for a high-pressure, late-season spot. Note to self: Go to the range regularly next summer!
  8. So what's your latest report? Mine is all hens. Hunted public land Sunday and flushed only a handful of hens in about 3 hours of rain. Saw one other hunter and not a lot of fresh tracks in the slush. Any other reports?
  9. herm

    Show some class

    I'm only inYear 5 of phesant hunting, but this thread has answered tons of questions I have had about what acceptable when hunting public land. Thanks! It confirms that my first option should be to find another spot if my first choice is occupied. It also confirms that at times it can be acceptable to hunt "the other end" of a big piece, especially if the other party is small in numbers. (I usually hunt alone or with my kids.) Finally, it's good to know I'm not the only ethical hunter screwed over by those jackweeds who cut you off or run the edge of your field. I tell my boys "ok, that's what we don't do." Then I swear under my breath until I get to the next spot...
  10. Buddy and I went exploring Monday into Kandiyohi and Pope counties. Saw only 1 rooster and 1 hen on a dead-calm day. Checked out some Walk-In Areas and were disappointed in their lack of cover. (Plus, they looked like they had been mowed at some point this year. Really?) If you hunt those counties regularly, what have been your reports this season? Thanks in advance.
  11. Made it out for a few hours this afternoon. Saw one and knocked another one down with a half hour left to shoot. It crossed road into private property. The dog gave it her all trying to find it, and I helped as best I could. Came up empty, though, as it got dark. I really really hate that! Also kicked up 1 hen.
  12. A similarly labeled thread seems headed away from how pheasant hunters are actually doing so I will try starting a new thread aimed at hunting reports. Please try to keep on task. I missed opener due to family stuff, but got out both days this weekend. Hit public land in Central Mn and was satisfied with results. We saw 3 and got 2 Saturday plus 4 hens. Sunday saw just 3 hens but quit early due to heat. Birds we got were this year's hatch. The one I missed was older. (And I'm still kicking myself for that miss. I think the dog has forgiven me though.) Farmers are working hard so I expect corn will be out soon, which should help. Also was surprised how dry things were. All in all, it was a solid start to my season. How about you?
  13. I'm not trying to start something; I'm just sharing experiences. A few years ago, my Setters started leaking after Year 2. I called to ask about options and was told "buy a new pair." I did - and I will - and they will never be that brand again. Wolverines are in year 3 and doing ok - a bit heavy bt dry and comfortable.
  14. herm

    How long should you hunt your dog?

    I'm in season 5 with my first hunting dog. My mentors taught me these tips: 1. Learn to read your dog...tongue, ears, what does it do when you stop? (If it sits, quit.) 2. The warmer it is, the more water and breaks needed. 3. Cold weather can be just as dangerous as hot weather. As mentioned, hunting a dog for any length of time in cover in temps close to 60 is not good, which brings me to the most important point: 4. You are the adult here; dogs will hunt to the end...it's up to you to make sure that line is not crossed. Ever.
  15. herm

    tiller versus console

    Started w 16-ft Lund Rebel side console & 40hp. After 5 years, upgraded to Skeeter 17 ft/80hp tiller. Best aspects of tiller are boat control, open floor plan and storage space. Worst aspect is you're at mercy of the elements. I'm almost 50. The next boat I buy will likely be full windshield simply because by that time I will be old enough that my desire for a dry ride and comfort will be top priority. (Hey, at least I'm honest.)