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ATV Sagging - Suspension Lock


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I've got a polaris 500 sportsman that I'd like to add the Dirtworks Suspension Lock so I can tow my 4,000 pound fish house.

I'd like to hear your guys opinions on why this wouldn't be a good idea. I don't plan on using the suspension lock very often...maybe a couple times a year depending on ice conditions.

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Lots of people do it.

A couple of things I would recommend:

1) If at all possible, try to blance/lighten up the tongue weight a little. Some trailers have a tongue weight of 300+ lbs. Most Class I ATVs are designed only for only 35 lbs.

2) Have some sort of traction device on the front wheels. Not just for traction while pulling but for steering. Especially in areas of little/no snow. Some people don't recommend it saying it will ruin your front diff. Avoid high speed spinning of the front wheels and risking the front wheels gaining traction and it shouldn't be a problem.

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If you are going to be towing anything with some weight I think it's a necessity.

Drawbacks... wear and tear from hauling heavy items. Hauling with or without the lock I don't think changes this much if at all.

I think Polaris receiver hitches are pretty weak. I've noticed more slop in ours after hauling heavy things for a few years. I'm not too concerned about it, the machine is a tool. If something breaks, it gets fixed. Overall no problems so far.

06 700 sportsman.

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I'm picking up tire chains today. Should i get two sets...for both front and rear?

Although I rarely reccomend tire chains for the front . In your case I definately would have them on all fours hauling such a big pay load . The little front steering your going to have even with chains your going to need all of it . And yeah those Polaris hitches are pretty chinsey but then again atv's are not really intended to haul 4000 lb things around . Just go easy .


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I have had the rear shock bars on the wheeler (06 800 Pol) for a few years now. As a matter of fact can't recall the last time they were not on the wheeler. Don't do any trail riding so not concerned with a soft ride.

It pulled the 20ft double axle house with ease last week. Although it weighs around 4,500 lbs with some effort can lift the tounge so suspect the tounge weight to be around 200 lbs.

Used to run a 02 700 Pol with a much heavier tounge fish house with an aftermarket 2in reciever and it worked good. A lot of squat but counter ballanced as much as I could.

The first time pulling the older wheeled house with the 06 found out first hand how weak the factory hitch was. My mechanic who fixed it for good called the metal "tin". What he did was bolt a 2in receiver mount under the factory location.

As far as chains have never run them on the 06 but did on the 02.

People say you should never run chains on both the front and rear wheels on a four wheel drive atv.

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