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  1. Not as smooth as the 6061's. Even on the lightest tension setting it's hard to get smaller jigs to drop, even small tungsten. Nowhere near what the 6061's could do. Drag is adequate but not great. However, I really like the ergonomics of it. I've turned it into my small/medium pan fish spoon reel because it will drop those. Was it worth the price of admission, I'd lean towards no. They have work to do on this one.
  2. 8" k-drill user. This is my 3rd season. Using Dewalt DCD995 and 4 amp battery. I think this is about a 700 in/lb torque drill. Same class as the older Milwaukee fuel's. Milwaukee now has a model with 1200 in/lb. Not that it's necessary, but if I were buying a new drill today, I'd have to seriously reconsider going milwaukee. Never once wished I had my old gas auger. I do think these kdrills are the cats a.. I've used both with a drill plate and without. Each has benefits. Less weight and better trigger control without it, more stability and less wrist fatigue with it. For you guys with permanents, the K-drill rocks on re drilling holes! Just last weekend I had over 20 holes in 17" of ice on half a battery. I really don't keep track of the hole count much anymore because I've never had an issue.
  3. I updated my LX-7 to the latest 5.10 version. It seems to work "mostly" fine for me, but I'm more used to the older 4.07. I'd like to go back if possible, but I don't have a copy of that version. Marcum hasn't answered me yet, and they only have the latest on the web for download. Does anyone happen to have a saved copy of the older version that they could send me? For those wondering, my biggest complaints are when fishing deeper ~40ft water I need to really use high sensitivity and sometimes lose my jig completely when the bug blooms come off the bottom. Older version seemed to handle this better. Yes, older and newer version get cluttered up by the blooms, but in the older I never fully lost my jig like this version. Thanks all!
  4. I've been running the 8" kdrill for 2 seasons. With the 8", I'd say you'll want the most torque you can get. I'm running the dewalt DCD995, so I don't have specific experience with the Fuel drills, but I really think you'll want as much torque as you can get. If you were using the 6" I think you could get away with either, but I'd still go for torque if possible.
  5. FYI, I believe the Honda has a way to tell you how many hours when it starts up. One of the LED's blinks for every 100 hours, something like that. I read it in my manual not too long ago. Sorry, I don't remember the exact specifics, but check the manual. That being said, I do like my Honda, but one thing I hate is how cold blooded it is. It was easy to throw onto the RV loan for the ice cabin, so cost really wasn't one of my deciding factors. It really can be a pain in the rear to start in the cold. More than once I've had to warm it up in the truck before it would start. I'm not sure if it's the high octane gas in the cold, or something else. I think it ends up flooding out and not starting. (I only run non oxy, which I can only find in premium). It's not the end of the world, because if I'm out using it, I have my truck and wheel house by default. It is quiet, as many others are as well. I built a dog house for it so it's never frozen up on me or gotten snowed on, wet, etc. I try to treat things pretty good. It runs my whole house, chargers, Keureg coffee maker, pizza oven, tv's, electric heater, etc. (Honda 2000). If I didn't want to make coffee, I would probably have gone with the 1000 watt version. My only other experience with generators, are with really large Honda's (8000 watt) or lawnmower loud smaller units I've used for off grid construction projects. Never fishing. Good luck with your decision, it's one with many correct answers.
  6. I am far from an expert on email, however I do know the essence of what goes on. Being blacklisted, in a nutshell, means that your domain or server's IP have been reported as being a spammer. Email companies relay on other companies to maintain databases of known good and bad emailers. Somehow, you have found yourself on the blacklist. Steps to remedy will take some research as to why you have been blacklisted. You'll need to start by looking at the organization that has you blacklisted which is usually in the response. Go to their page and start researching what you can do to get yourself off the blacklist. There may be several or many companies that have you on the blacklist. It's usually never over and done with for good either. You may have to revisit this at times. Sometimes 6 months later, a year later, it all depends on the types of email you send. Marketing types of email are the hardest to control, and will get you blacklisted the fastest. It's really worth the money, which can be minimal, to use an email service such as constant contact, or others to help manage the email you distribute from your business if it is marketing related at all. I hope this helps, again, I'm not an expert, I just know enough to be in the ballpark on this. Gus
  7. Agree on the solid axle. I do have the suspension lockout for the Polaris. Used it for hauling the pontoon boats around, 17' Lund, etc. I can tell that the Pontoon is pretty hard on the transmission/belts even in low gear. That's where I think I may be running into trouble trying to handle my ice cabin. I am finding the downside of having a nice large wheel house. I do love it in the summer though.
  8. I hadn't even thought of that yet either... I guess I'll have to be nicer to my fishing buddies so they can tow one trailer or the other! Good thought though... I have never measured my door size, nor checked measurements of a side by side. Still researching this whole idea.
  9. Question for all you guys running side by sides, Rangers, Mule's etc. What is a practical weight limit for towing and tongue weight? Background story, We have a 700 sportsman, and I know I've towed way more that the book says. Consider it a tool, not a toy. It does all kinds of chores around the lake, and does most of them well. My dilemma is that I have a Salem Ice Cabin toy hauler model, which is a 20' single axle house. A bit over 500# tongue weight by book, and book dry weight is in the neighborhood of 4400#. Loaded, I tend to guesstimate about 5K and probably pushing towards 600# tongue. I'm dying to get out on the ice this year, but I'm chicken * when it comes to driving my truck and rig. At over 11K combined, I get really nervous. I feel this rig is too much for the 700 sportsman, but I'm really curious as to what guys with side by sides think? What will you tow? I know I could probably get one of those ski's for the front, but will that really work well? Traction? Anybody ever tipped one over on the tongue using a ski or wheel setup? I'm looking for some practical advise, even if that means just waiting. I don't have any experience with side by sides to really know what their capabilities are.
  10. Once you fish out of a Thermal, you'll wonder why you never made the switch sooner. Along with being able to heat easier, it is also more even. No more cold back, hot front. I wouldn't go back.
  11. This! Now, I saw your update, and I'm glad you had a good safe trip. Last weekend I was also out in the Grand Rapids area and on a lake where I normally find pretty decent Ice, I found anywhere from 10" to 14". ICE is varying a LOT this year.
  12. Gus

    Point on Auger Drill

    Yeah, I had an older one like yours pictured. The newer ones do have the point, some of the older ones don't. Yours look to be older. Mid to late 90's. The point does help, even with the point, if the blades are messed up at all it still doesn't cut well. Rather than worry about the point, I'd look to the blades or the cutting angle. The other thing that they added about the same time as the point was an additional support bar to keep the blade angle from getting tweeked so easily. My guess is that this may be a problem if indeed new blades don't fix it.
  13. Gus


    The T7771 will run off either a 24V hardwire OR 2 AA batteries. Batteries seem to last about a year for me. Using Lithium for the cold. Replace in the fall before hunting season, good all year.
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