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  1. LOL . Oh my life is such a struggle when you can't pee on demand or have to wait for some minnows and don't get them for free . Man Up . TD
  2. Well done DTRO although I'm not covinced in 24 -36 inches of ice but heah you sold me lad . Just the putting out the extra coin while owning a Nils and Jiffy I can't warrant . The four stroke nonsense is nothing I will buy into because of the smoke handling gas excuse because Amsoil at 100-1 is nothing and should be a non issue . Your electric though I cannot argue with as far as no fumes and its clean . Well done video and I thank you . TD
  3. The only colour I don't have is the blue . Don't jerk them , just lift and control the drop . Yes Ed was a good one and loss for sure . TD
  4. I like this idea and sounds like a winner to me and will be logging it in the noggin for future reference . Thanks . TD
  5. You will pay more for a commercial grade powerhead which no other brand uses . Before our dollar climbed here, my 8 inch Nils was about a grand to get to the door . Is it for most weekend or occassional ice warriors . ? Likely not but heah when you see so many ice castles etc out there at 12-25 grand being towed by 40 grand plus trucks there will be a market for these too . When I need a 10 inch hole I'll dig out the beast Jiffy and the rest the little Nils will get the nod methinks . TD
  6. I've used one and they are nice but nothing I am about trade for my Nils . TD
  7. My 2200 Honda uses a tank about every 14hrs plus running full bore . Like as has been mentioned brands and size and how much your drawing is a clue we need to know . TD
  8. I don't think it's caused by the oil either but what did you expect after your comment on mixture ratios ? . You would not accept what we said and inferred we were feeding all a line of B..S.. of the mix ratios of Amsoil Sabre and that anybody who followed those ratios would cause damage to their powerhead . That's all . TD
  9. I'm trying to remain calm and collected here lad but your making it hard to be for many of us . Do you even own a Nils or any power auger for that matter . ? When I first bought my Nils 7 yrs ago with exchange rates , taxes , shipping and brokerage fees it came to almost a thousand dollars . Do you honestly think that I would risk that kind of coin by running it lean so it seizes up . ? Like somebody said , go read the data on Amsoil and educate yourself on it and two strokes . I'll guarantee you one thing , those of us who do run Amsoil at their recommended ratio have better running and happier augers than you do running a thick goo of dino oil that carbons up the piston and fouls plugs and smokes like heck struggling all the while . I bet mine lasts longer too . TD
  10. For first tank initial breakin , I just disconnect the auger and set the powerhead on a milk crate and let her rip . throttling up and down and sometimes idling . It takes forever to burn through a tank still but atleast your getting it up to some decent temps so everything seats that you never would while drilling unless you have a crew of lads with you and drill a few hours continuosly . TD
  11. Yup I can see the resemblance to you . LOL TD
  12. OMG dear man . Read up on the Amsoil . There is not an issue with your motor getting enough lube . If it wasn't getting enough it would seize . My Nils has never seen any different mix than the Amsoil Sabre 100-1 since day one and often has to drill up to 200 holes a day while I'm guiding and it's in its 7 th season . My Jiffy is in its 15th and maybe more although it was first run on OPTI 11 at those ratios till I was able to use Amsoil Sabre . Opti 11 is also rated to be run at 100-1 . Your looking at it like as if it's a 4 stroke which needs a certain volume of lube to cover all parts while it's running . Two strokes don't have oil sitting in a crank case like a car . I know it's hard to wrap your head around and it was for me too when I first heard of it, but the facts speak for themselves . From my understanding they will even warranty your engine if it is found that running this mix caused engine failure . To this day I have yet to see or hear of one . TD
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