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  1. dougger222

    Kdrill or Nils

    Frankies said send it in for service. Apparently they are not an authorized Nils repair facility?
  2. dougger222

    Kdrill or Nils

    I would go with the K drill. Nils don't stand behind their product. Case in point. My cousin bought a 8in Nils Tanaka auger 3-4 years ago from Frankies. He didn't have the auger more than a couple months before the auger would no longer cut holes. It was brought in for service and they said it was not new that year but a 10 year old drill. The Nils shaft now sits under a mailbox near Mora. The Tanaka is still going strong and it now turns a Strikemaster drill. 3 years later and not one issue with the Tanaka motor or the Strikemaster drill.
  3. dougger222

    It's coming..... Ice Fishing..... ICE ICE BABY

    My cabin lake in Burnett County WI was 95% open Friday evening. When I woke up Saturday morning the lake was 100% froze up. In the afternoon walked out a little ways on the new ice and it supported me, guessing 1.5-1.75 inches. The old ice chunk floated in front of my cabin and by Sunday felt like 4 inches at least and the new ice at least 2 inches. I'll be fishing it for sure by this next weekend. Going out Wednesday to the lake an hour North of the cities. My cousin BIG Andy said 4 inches of ice where he's been fishing. Green Lake wide open today...
  4. dougger222

    It's coming..... Ice Fishing..... ICE ICE BABY

    Fishable ice today hour North of the cities.
  5. dougger222

    Marcum call back

    Don't they have a shop in the Metro like Vexilar does?
  6. dougger222

    Fish house tongue height ?

    That would be funny to have a ramp door in the front and a V in the back! I think level with a lot of tongue weight and you'll be fine. Don't floor it and get up to 60mph and realize you have a problem! Also I'm sure you know going downhill towing with too much back weight in the trailer is always going to get you swaying. Sometimes pulling 15,000+ lbs with the dually you forget your towing. A couple years ago a roofing pimp I met at the dump said he flipped his dually and dump trailer full of shingles on 694. He said his crew loaded everything in the back of the trailer lol!
  7. dougger222

    Fish house tongue height ?

    Let me try to explain. Say you are driving North to Lake of the Woods and you there is a strong North West or North East wind you will have additional drag in these situations on the sides of the v front. Have you ever seen a semi trailer with a v in the back? I see them quite often on the interstate. Have you ever seen a semi trailer with a v on the front? Spent many hours on towing forums and read up on hundreds of posts on the subject. One poster had two identical trailers (large enclosed trailers) one was flat front one was v front. He put tens of thousands of miles on both and hands down preferred the flat over the v front. Personally feel a slightly rounded or angled towards the top on the front of trailers is the best for towing. How often do you see camper trailers with v fronts? BTW, my 15K lb dump trailers are 5ft tall and have a flat front and tow perfect. Pull around 25,000 miles a year and have done so for over 10 years.
  8. dougger222

    Berkon vs. Ice Assault Frame

    I think you can get remote control with most any hydraulic system. See guys at the dump who use a remote control for their dump trailers.
  9. dougger222

    Fish house tongue height ?

    It's best for your trailer to be as level as possible when towing. You do not want the tongue to be too high though as it can transfer weight to the back and cause sway issues. Pull dump trailers and would rather have more weight up front than in the back of the trailer. Most combined weights with dually are 25K+ lbs. Pulled a 6.5x14+v ice castle house a few times and it pulled very hard behind a 3/4 ton diesel. Same truck pulls my 8x20 double axle house with ease. Although the v front shacks are nice as they provide a lot of useful space they pull drag. For towing the v would be better on the back of the house.
  10. dougger222

    Nils owners

    I tried using my cousins Nils 8in with PP when it was brand new 2 years ago and it bound on every hole. We took some video of him drilling with his brand new nils and me drilling with a 2.5hp solo and 10in lazer (not new) and I beat him on every hole. Before the end of the Winter the drill unit broke and was not covered under warranty. Although he drills more holes in one day than most people drill in one season he was very disappointed with the drill unit. Last week rather than have an expensive half broken auger laying around he put a 8in chipper under the Tanaka and he loves it. No more binding issues and with new blades on the chipper he says it cuts plenty fast enough. The nils PP will be his new mail box holder when the ground thaws this Spring.
  11. dougger222

    Berkon vs. Ice Assault Frame

    Have no experience with either frame (not sure what frame is under my dreamshak). Personally would think a double axle is going to be better than a shingle axle in that size house. Less tongue weight and easier to tow. The IA looks like it's got a lot more metal in the frame as far as cross sections and such. The one drawback I can see with the IA is a hand crank for the tongue were the Berkon uses hydraulics for the up/down on the tongue. My shack has the same tongue as the IA and it's sort of a pain when the house is set up for remote control hydraulics. Plan to either have it modified to run hydraulics up front or go to electric jack. BTW, I bought and sold perhaps the last shack rack frame and the frame was 8x22+angled front and it had the piston on the tongue like the Berkon.
  12. dougger222

    Anybody running a Strikemaster 1.5hp Solo Chipper Lite

    I called a couple places on this auger and one place has 11 in stock and hasn't sold one, $299 regular price $369.99, it's the place up in Walker. Another place I called is stocked up with these and they only sold 2, also $299. Thanks for the feedback guys more than likely going to pull the trigger.
  13. dougger222

    Propane pre-buy prices?

    I had a ferrell tank at the cabin when I bought it and they gave me a pretty good price for my first fill. My second fill they wanted 35 cents a gallon more than the co-op. One call and I had a co-op tank in my yard and bye bye ferrell tank.
  14. Looking at buying one and cannot find any reviews online. Anybody on here own one? Can get a new one for under $300.
  15. dougger222

    Salvage/Rebuilt Vehicle

    Last Winter I totaled out one of my vehicles. I did a buy back and had it fixed. Of course after receiving the payout check from insurance company full coverage was dropped to liability. Air bags never went off side impact rear driver quarter with concrete. My insurance company Auto Owners said if the vehicle is inspected after repairs by the state and it's certified or something as repaired I can get full coverage again. Big repair shop estimate=$6,400 Insurance adjuster estimate=$7,350 Actual cost to repair=$1,250 LOL.