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  1. BehindtheHead

    Holes Freezing Up Overnight

    train your minnows to switch directions every 10 min.
  2. BehindtheHead

    Spray foam Do It Yourself?

    i own my own spray foam rig. ill tell ya if some one is spraying closed cell foam in a 8x16 fish house for $400 they arent buying the material because there is more than 400 in material in that house, or putting diesel in the truck or generator or paying the insurance bill or buying parts to rebuild the guns ect. more power to you for getting it done cheap. the major problem for me with fish houses is i could be on a big job with the trigger pulled for a fue hours at a time rather than spending more time preparing and cleaning up than actually spraying. so ya 1000 to 1500 sounds outrages but i spent half to 3/4 of a day for that money. i do fish houses if i have time but its not the cash cow.
  3. BehindtheHead

    Lifetime minimum maintenance frame

    thats cheap to have it dipped in my opinion.
  4. BehindtheHead

    Lifetime minimum maintenance frame

    What will that cost?
  5. BehindtheHead

    Garage Ceiling Insulation

    yes you are correct. open cell isnt a vapor barrier at one to two inches. im not aware of a closed cell foam that is not a barrier though. the stuff i spray is a barrier. and you are correct that in a occupied space it would have to be covered with a thermal type paint, sheetrock, or some other fire rated covering. in a attic it does not have to be covered
  6. BehindtheHead

    Garage Ceiling Insulation

    the easiest way to install a vapor barrier after the sheetrock is up is spray foam. have someone spray 1 to 2 inches to the sheetrock. the problem with that is you will never be able to take the sheetrock down. good, fast, cheap. you cant have all 3.
  7. BehindtheHead

    Where is everyone

    i only wish mj
  8. BehindtheHead

    Where is everyone

    ive been in the house. just not my fish house. gutted the up stairs and working on getting that put back together. also got some spray foam jobs done this week. im thinking sunday will be a good day to go fishing.
  9. BehindtheHead

    Mercury Autoblend system

    i had a auto blend and i took the wiring harness right out of my motor. just trace the wires back. there are 2 that are attached with a phillips screw and one that has a plug. i didnt want the wire hanging there.
  10. BehindtheHead

    Blue Gills

    my buddys mom renders lard from hogs. sunfish filleted with the skin on...cook them in lard......mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm tasty. best fish EVER
  11. BehindtheHead

    Man Cave/Garage question(s)

    i like vertical ribs because dust doesnt collect on the ribs. but if you dont do alot of metal work or wood work you pry dont have that much dust in the garage. you can still run conduit on top of the ribs and have a gap behind, good spot to hang stuff.
  12. BehindtheHead

    rotten floor

    i have to take some measurements in the boat still but i can buy the aluminum for about 500. then decide if i want to screw it down or plug weld it. i havent decided yet. if it was a boat i wanted to keep long term i would be more willing to do the aluminum. but for aobut the same price it might be worth it for resale? alum would be lighter if i had to guess. a 5x16 sheet (i know its not wide enough) is just 152 lbs. and with my slightly underpowered motor that would help. not sure on the weight of plywood and carpet. ive never seen a boat with vinyl floor. isnt it slippery?
  13. BehindtheHead

    rotten floor

    also what would it cost to re do a boat with plywood and carpet?
  14. BehindtheHead

    rotten floor

    i have a 1988 lund mr pike. the floor is rotten in the back corner. im thinking about replacing it with aluminum diamond tread plate. ive never taken a floor out of a boat before. what holds the wood floor? i assume aluminum stringers of some sort? any thoughts on this idea?
  15. BehindtheHead

    Nils Slush

    perfection wouldnt leave slush in the hole