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I already miss.....


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As I was doing some chores yesterday, outside in near zero temps, I gazed upon my quiet motorcycle leaning on it's ice cold kickstand at the back of my barn.

My mind wandered back to the many hot sunny days we had last summer, hopping on the bike for a quick spin into town for some ice cream, an ice cold beer, or to watch one of my great kids play a softball or baseball game.

I thought about the warm sun on my face, the wind in my hair, and the roar of the pipes as I put the throttle to her off our gravel road and onto the highway.

I also thought of gearing down as I approached our road, coaxing the bike to repeatedly backfire, and letting everyone in the immediate area know that I'm coming home.

We have enough snow now to cover all the ground, and our temps are dropping to normal winter lows. I imagine this is the beginning of the long winter cold, and we won't begin to see melting snow again for at least a couple months.

It's only December 21st. The Mayan calendar ran out last night, and I'm still here today! I already miss riding my scooter in the hot summer sun.

It's a too long cold winter, and a painfully long boring wait for spring.

I thought for a moment, as I looked at my bike, that it actually looked cold, and lonely. I wonder if my wife would mind if I brought it in the house? cool

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I wounder if this is a diagnosable form of depression. Just like being addicted to sleep; yawning and sleepiness is just withdrawal of not sleeping?

I do miss riding my bike, Driving around town today I felt very unsafe, I couldn't see as much as I wanted.

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Well inked. I too am missing my ride. I am comforted by the pwer cord leading to the shed where the steady juice of the battery maintainer is keeping her warm

Find a winter hobby and it'll be Spring soon enough. In fact the day light hours are already getting longer.

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Ya. The sleds are out, tuned up, and full of fresh fluids. Problem is, not enough snow yet!!! mad

Up here, in the great Northwest, we've only got maybe 1-2 inches on the ground. Just enough to keep it cold and icy, but certainly not enough for safe sled riding.

I just bought a nice used 2003 F5 Firecat for my boys for Christmas. Fired it up two days ago, and made just a couple quick spins around the yard to get a feel for her. Busted a dog gone bogey wheel off the under carriage just like that!

Perhaps when we get a good shot of snow my "pining" will be satiated. I think it's the warm summer sun I miss the most. cry

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I have a 74 Johnson Phantom 35 hp rotary, but is needs a new CDI box. sigh I was looking in one of the other threads and that gent with the sporty looking wheeler with tracks looks nice. Two birds one stone. Get rid of my dump, get something nice.

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Ahhh! That is toooo sweet! I love old snowmobiles, although they tend to be a bit of a money pit.

I have my very first sled out in the barn, a 1970 Arctic Cat Panther, that I desperately want to fully restore to original, but there's an awful lot of work there, and many parts that will cost a lot of money.

I'd probably come out ahead by simply buying a fully restored machine, but that kind of takes away all the fun of it.

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We have my father inlaw's 1972 sno-jet. He purchased it new in Ada MN in 72.

I had it on an old timers run once a couple years ago and the chain busted, took out the case, saddness... frown

This was a few days after I burned a hole through one of the pistons on the jet. I welded the hole in the top of the piston closed, reshaped the dome, cleaned the ring grooves, stuck the slug back in the hole and she was good to go. grin

Hey Sam, my lady friend got me a really nice used polaris for crissmuss.


Here's the ole jet I speak of.


The piston before rednecking it back to health.



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JBD. The coveting once again sets in. That is an awesome rig, until you see the price tag. The track system alone will set you back almost as much as, or maybe even more than the ATV. But I can't honestly say I wouldn't want it too! wink

I can tell ya' from experience, you give up a lot of speed and performance with a track system on an ATV. They can go thru pert' near anything, but you loose a ton of performance. I'd stick with the sleds for wintertime fun.

NDave. That Polaris is nearly identical to the Arctic Cat I bought my kids. You must have good friends! grin 2002?

Was that an alloy piston housing? Working on those simple older engines is such a pleasure. I noticed in another pic you posted you had a couple old Buick 2-doors (?) parked in the yard. Do you restore old cars as well?

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I don't have any Buicks Sam.

I have a 51 ford 2 door with a flathead V8, a 54 2 dr chev, a 51 ford truck, 64 galaxie 500XL, 62 2 door galaxie, 66 chev 2 dr caprice, ... I have my 69 roadrunner in the booth at the moment. 383 4 speed, sure grip rear end, air grabber... it's almost ready for paint, all numbers matching and going back to it's factory original bronze metallic and white vinyl top soon.


Here's the last car I turned out of the shop.



1965 A code 289 mustang, auto trans, power steering, I built it for my daughter.

She wrecked it. (accident)

Yeah, I guess I do some car stuff.

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Oh my goodness! That is a gorgeous Mustang! Nice work. Too bad about the accident. Are you putting it back together?

I'd love to see your shop sometime. I aspire to restore a mid-sixties Chevy pickup someday, but have SO much to learn about the process.

Really appreciate that you wanna restore em' with the original colors. Kinda makes me throw up in my mouth a little to see these amazing old machines painted bright yellow and orange. I love the old standard colors.

BTW...66' is my favorite year! wink Hope to have a 66' rag-top Impala someday...in a nice rich cream color! grin

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Our 66 is inside the shop. It's ready to drive anywhere, I'd drive it to florida and back without any worries. 327/powerglide.

But the body is starting to go, needs some new tin and paint. I purchased that car with imminent danger pay I saved up from the first gulf war. Wife and I drove away from the church in that car when we were married in 92. The car was our daily driver, we have 3 kids, 19, 15 and 8 yrs old. All 3 came home in that car from the hosp after being born.

We kind of need to hang on to that ole chevy. grin

I have a ford truck sickness as well... I think we have 4 of them from 1970 to 1979 smile all 4x4's.

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ND. I'm gonna have to come up there and pay you a visit someday. I'd really like to see that collection, and take a gander at your shop. Sounds like you and I have quite a bit in common...except you have way more cool stuff than I do! Again the envy and coveting....

TW. Did you have Paul Tuetel Jr. design that for you? cool That machine is awesome!

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