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walleye 4 me

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So I have a 1997 indy trail deluxe (2-up long track) that I use for ice fishing and pulling the kids around the yard and thats about it. After being on the lake yesterday with very little snow I am thinking I would like to have studs. Nothing very aggressive, but cheap and effective. Any suggestions on how many I need and what size? Any special tools required? Dont want to spend alot of money. thanks

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used to run studs but not anymore. with the amount of snow we get in MN the snirt will just rip them out and take away from the life of the track. anyway, if you spoke to a dealer they could help you with the amount you would want for the type of riding you are doing. also older polaris' have the heat exchangers on the running boards i believe? if they are in the tunnel you will want to look at tunnel protectors also so you dont chew up the heat exchangers.

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Likely with a long track you'll need 96 minimum and you should be fine. Now the fun part is to lift or hang the back end of sled from rafters and drop the track/suspension, then take belt off to easily rotate track. I encourage you to look up how to stud a track on YouTube there's ton of how-to's for yeah. Good luck.


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I have a few sleds that I run. one with studs and the other with out.The one with has 98 woody's carbide studs and let me tell you that sled handles great! I ride the lake Vermilion area up to Rainey on the lakes trails and a studded track is the way to go on the ice! You will need to change out you're carbides on your skies to longer ones to give the machine a good balance. I have over 3000 miles on that machine with only a few studs that have broken off. Mostly They are pretty warn down. You need to be carefull with new studs on your concrete garage floor because it will rip the floor up! My track has not warn out any more with studs being on it. I think studs help it last longer. After your sleds warranty is over why not give them a try. You do need to buy quality studs and fallow the pattern using the drill bit and punch tool for that stud. Too few studs on a track and you will be ripping them out as you drive. Too many and you weigh down the track. Match up the HP of your sleds track length and that will give you a minnamum amount to go with.

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