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  1. I know the pike are down on the bottom. Pulled up a 39"er lindy riging for walleye's before. Whitfish is what I think I am graphing for bait fish. Have cought muskies high in the water colum but no pike. So I was thinking on spooling up some lead core line with smaller muskie sized raps and troll the bottom. Looking to see if anyone else has done this.
  2. Anyone troll with lead core line to target pike in deep water? Looking for input on what has worked for you. Thanks in advance.
  3. I would like some recommendations on what brand of lead core line to use and what size. Will be targeting walleye and deep water pike on a northern Mn lake. So Many brands out there and the reviews are up and down from the color on the line comes off to the lead wears through the line to easily. Should a guy use what the salmon fisherman use on the Great Lakes? Or just use what ever brand is sold around St. Paul?
  4. Picked up V-bar chains for my 1999 Spotrsman 500. I had to return the set for the front tires. Not enuf clearance the chain would hit left front steering arm. Rear set fit good and plowed driveway at cabin for the first time this year with over 12" of snow on the ground. What a difference rear chains make! If I could only have chains on the front that machine would go through anything!
  5. I miss Drinking a cup of coffee out on the dock in the am soaking up the morning sun while listening to birds and casting for fish with by daughter. Swimming by trout lake portage and cruising around in my boat with the family Camp fire at dusk and hearing a faint call of a loon. sitting at the end of the dock with my wife under the patio umbrella on a hot July afternoon with a cold beer looking out over the water with a slight breeze a blowing. Fishing! Fishing! Fishing! This is killing me. I could go on and on about what I love about the lake (open water) Icewolf.
  6. For buck tails but not With #10 blades my combo is 7'6" Shimano. 3/4 - 2 oz. reel Abu Garcia record 60 with power handle. 5.3:1 gears. 80lb power pro. I stay with the shorter rod for ease of netting a fish by my self. With this rod you have a large range of lure size you can use from smaller slop masters to rad dogs and buck tails with up to #8 Colorado blades with out back lashes when casting into the wind. Icewolf
  7. Ice Wolf

    New locator

    My locators are 7 years old and built in the Stone Age compared to what's out there today! Been doing some research on HDS Touch, wifi, Ethernet, point 1 antenna, Navionics + maps, oh and if you are using a cable drive bow mount trolling motor and are thinking about replacing it with a remote steer Xi5 think again. For a pile of money you can mount this (spotlightscan) sonar to your motor head that scans down and out to 150' and on your locator it tells you the direction you are looking at. Looks pretty cool. Bottom line is all of this equipment is spendy and too much for this weekend warrior. I will wait to see better reviews from guys before I buy. Icewolf
  8. Ice Wolf

    New locator

    What I understand is Lowrance was bought out in September of 06. Has another company acquired then more recently? If not their has been a lot of complaints about product and service from 2006 - 2013 what has changed for 2014? Icewolf.
  9. Ice Wolf

    New locator

    What does the gen. 2 touch do over the Elite 7 Hdi. Side scan.....Wifi? What use would wifi give you for fishing? I just don't understand why the Gen 2 touch is so much more than Elite 7 Hdi. Icewolf.
  10. Ice Wolf

    New locator

    I have been thinking about replacing one of my graphs on my boat with one that has structure scan. Currently I have 3 Lowrance graphs that are networked with each other so my first thought is to buy another Lowrance but after looking at people's reviews on Lowrance graphs and seeing all of the problems they have I am not so sure. Anyone pick up a new Lowrance in the past year? What do you think about it? I was thinking about buying the Elite 7 HDI. I think the Gen - 2 units are way over priced for what you get. What are your guys thoughts? Maybe it's time to try a Bird. Icewolf.
  11. $430 for a new starter may be the going price but still way out of line compared to having the old one rebuilt. My boat motor starter went out once. A new starter back then was $300. I got it rebuilt for $25.
  12. Electric heat with out having off peak is costly! Have a electrician install an off peak meter for your electric heat. You will save lots of money.
  13. I am in the same boat. Every winter I think about installing floor drains. The slab would have to be replaced and I just have a hard time justifying the cost of ripping up a perfectly good concrete floor and plumbing the drain pipe in my basement. Right now all of the slop runs to the door so I use a squeegee and a mop and bucket. I do have a large ceiling fan and when the slop is squeegeed outside the floor will dry over night then I sweep up the sand. With all the snow we have been getting it seams like I am out there every day cleaning up the slop.
  14. I have an old Frabill suitcase style shack 20+ years old. It has a polyvinyl floor on it. And when it's open it's 6' x 6' x 6' high. Pros- with having a floor it stays nice and warm in it on the coldest days. I can drag it on snow and ice by hand or by 4x4 or snow machine. It sets up quick. When it comes to storing it in the off season it takes up a lot less room 3' wide 6' tall and about 10" thick compared to my Clam X2. Cons - I have to use a huge duffle bag to put all of my gear in and strap it to the top of the shelter along with auger and bait bucket, shovel, chair when transporting from spot to spot and everything gets snow and slush on it. But if you drive a truck on the ice relocation would be much easier. I don't use it anymore I use a clam X2 it's more user friendly.
  15. Ice Wolf

    Mean dog

    Thanks for the info everyone! Calling the sheriff is the thing to do. I have gave them people every chance to prevent them dogs from coming on to my and other peoples property. I talked to my other neighbor. He called the sheriff so the next complaint that comes will be a fine to the owners. I will pick up some pepper spray for self defense. I will call them and to warn that this is what will happen if they don't take care of this problem. Why do I feel bad for having to take these actions when they do absolutely nothing to solve this problem?
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