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Arrow flex ?


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I just recently traded in my 10 year old bow for a new one. The salseman also sold me some new arrows after informing me that my Gold Tip arrows (Expedition hunters 7595) where too stiff for my draw length (29") and my poundage (55 - 58 lbs). I shoot 100 grain tips.

When I got home I looked up the Gold Tip HSOforum and the HSOforum of the Victory arrows he sold me. He was correct about the Gold Tips, but according to the Victory chart, the arrows he sold me(V-force 350s)are for heavier poundage also.

My question is, will a stiffer arrow make that big of a difference? Should I bring my arrows back and replace them for the ones that the manufacture recomends?

I just spent a boat load of money on a new bow and arrows. I want to get the maximum performance out of it.


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A little heavier arrow than necessary is usually a good idea, especially when shooting broadheads. Most charts would have you shoot the arrow that will be as fast as possible while still maintaining good flight. That's not always the best idea.

If they fly good and straight with your chosen broadheads, I'd stick with the new ones.

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Thanks for the replies. I'm not the best shot so when the salesman told me my arrows where too stiff for me. I started to wonder if that could be one of the reasons.

I am shooting some nice groups with the new bow and arrows so I think I will keep the arrows for now. This weekend I am going to broadhead tune the bow. Hopefully that goes pretty smooth.

Like I said earlier, when you spend that much on a new bow and arrows, you want everything to perform as advertised. Now I need to get myself up to peak performance. wink


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If you are already throwing good groups with the new arrows then try shooting with your broad heads on. If your groups turn bad it could be the flex in your arrow, but it could be other things.

Not sure if you are shooting expandable broad heads or not. I have only shot fixed blade heads myself.

Think of it this way. When shooting field points they are very "arrow" dynamic. Any problem in arrow flight will be magnified by a broad head, especially a fixed bladed one. I can't comment on expandables because like I said I've never shot them.

For me I typically do a good paper tuning session before I put my broad heads on. I also shoot a little larger fletch to help stablize out the broad head. I will admit I've shot this for about 20 years with good success but I may "switch" to a newer setup next time I upgrade my bow. If it a ain't broke then I don't fix it.

Bottom line is that if you put your broad heads on and you can throw good groups with them then you are ready for season.

Good Luck!

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