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    Camp Ripley 2016

    Thanks for the reports guys. I didn't apply this year for the first time in many years, but maybe I will again next year. I do miss the uniqueness and scenery of Ripley. My brother-in-law was with a group of 4 and one of them got a nice 8 pt on Thurs AM. He said they didn't see much otherwise. Nels

    Murphy-Hanrehan park hunt

    I have been hunting the Murphy Hanrehan hunts since they started doing it about 25 years ago. I used to see about 20 deer per hunt. Last year I didn't see any. I'm not sure what has changed other than lots of Buckthorn now. In the early hunts they used to have it in the middle of Nov., so I'm sure that helped with all the gun pressure from neighboring properties. This year will be especially tough since there isn't many acorns. Anyway, after the disappointing hunt last year, I decided to stop applying. My tip for that hunt is have at least 3 spots picked out within close proximity to each other, because there will be hunters everywhere and nobody seems to pay attention to the rule about what time you can enter the park. Good luck! Let us know how you do. Nels

    How High?

    Like others have said, it can be done, but in my opinion your odds improve greatly the more concealed you are. If that means getting higher in the tree or concealed in a big old oak with lots of thick branches. For bow hunting, I'd rather be more concealed with limited shooting and viewing lanes than completely visible to a deer just so I have a larger view of the area. You may see more deer but good luck getting a shot off with your bow. Gun hunting with a rifle and scope is different. The doe I shot last year was less than 15 yards from me before I saw her. Fortunately i was about 20' above her in a mature Oak tree with lots of branches. I was able to get the bow off the hook, draw back, and shoot her without her seeing me. Nels

    Weekly Bass Reports

    Thats assume! Can you tell us what has been working the best, or the depth your finding the fish at? Nels

    Bass baits for kids?

    Another vote for pre-rigged worms. Spinnerbaits still catch fish also. Nels

    Mille Lacs Update

    Strange about the walleyes. We were on the south end of Mille Lacs on Friday and caught 21 bass, no walleyes. We even targeted walleyes for about an hour on Sloppy Joes. Didn't see any boats fishing walleyes on the traditional spots the entire time we were there and never saw any of the other bass fisherman catch a walleye. For the bass, we had the best luck on tubes, but also caught some on hair jigs and drop shot. Nothing on jerkbaits or topwater baits. Nels

    Weekly Bass Reports

    Last Saturday afternoon I took my son and daughter bass fishing on a small central Mn lake. We could see bass cruising in the shallows but they spooked at pretty much everything you cast at them. We tried swim baits, wacky rigged senkos, jig worms, jerk baits, you name it. We caught some on various baits but my daughter kicked our butt's with one of those pre-rigged Lew's worms reeled real slow. I'll have to add a few more of those to my arsenal for early season. Nels

    Baitcaster Rookie needs advice

    I put on Seaguar abrazx Flourocarbon. Maybe other brands are better. Also I spooled it the same day I used it and used a conditioner spray on it when I spooled it. All I can say is I was very disappointed. I've never had backlash problems like that and I have lots of experience with baitcasting reels. Nels

    Opening Day Weather

    We fished small lakes this past weekend and found similar results as TurnUpTheFishing. Swim jigs caught the most numbers on the shallow shoreline flats but the bigger fish seemed to be at the drop off. We saw a few fish on beds on one corner of a bay on one of the lakes. Water temps were about 54 on average. Nels

    Baitcaster Rookie needs advice

    Definitely not fluorocarbon for a beginner. I have been fishing with baitcasters for many years now using both braid and mono. I rarely backlash anymore. This past wknd I made the switch on one of my reels to 10 lb fluoro and I was backlashing constantly. It was like the line would explode in my reel. I had to tighten my spool down so much and thumb it the whole time, that I could only cast half the normal distance. I was using an averaged size chatterbait until the line broke on a cast and the lure sailed into the great unknown. I recommend 12 Trilene XT to start. It will be easier to get the backlashes out and you will get backlashes with any line, especially if you are casting into the wind. Braid casts fine, but when you get a backlash, it isn't as easy to untangle in my opinion. Nels

    Powerdrive V2 vs. Terrova

    I'd like to replace my old PD trolling motor with a new iPilot version. Haven't researched it a lot, but after reading the above comments. I would need a foot pedal. We do mostly bass fishing and my foot pedal has not been working very good lately, so I've had to use the little remote. What a pain, especially if your fighting a fish. Nels
  12. Awesome story Scoot!!! Thanks for sharing. Nels

    Don't you hate it when.....

    A number of years back, my Dad shot a nice buck while taking care of some paper work. Wearing a 1 piece orange snowmobile suit no less. I won't get into the gory details. Nels

    Don't you hate it when.....

    1eyeRed lets see the video.

    My First Buck- Long Version

    Congrats! Thanks for sharing the story and good luck with your wrestling team this season. My son wrestles for Apollo. Nels