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  1. archerystud

    Hunting reports....

    Please assume (whether implied or not) first that people are taking game legally here!!! If everyone must know my father still bow and gun hunts IN THE FIELD!! Good luck and hunt safe.
  2. archerystud

    Hunting reports....

    Where did I say that??? Party Hunting (as much as I hate it) is still legal in MN. AND I am NOT hunting in any part of zone 3!!
  3. archerystud

    Hunting reports....

    Ended up taking a small 8-pointer tonight. Wife was on me to bring home some venison, apparently she is sick of tag soup as well. Heart shot him with a Rage and he went 30 yards before falling over. Now I'm just looking for "Mr Field & Stream". Only 2 deer I saw today were bucks. Little too warm out.
  4. archerystud

    Hunting reports....

    eye dr, This morning was a LONG hike back on some public land. There were plenty of spots to use as natural cover from the ground. If the Buck had waited ONE more trail before turning left he wouldnt have gotten down wind of me. I was hoping the deer would come in from the south or east but he came from the north. Silly me, why would a deer ever do what I want them to do!!
  5. archerystud

    Hunting reports....

    Sunday night was chaos for me. Multiple bucks chasing does around my stand. Although I only spotted one of the bucks and he was a 1.5 year old. Old doe winded me (someone needs to tell the deer to walk on their trails!!) but she just trotted into the thick stuff only to be chased back out by another buck. Scouted an area yesterday and saw a decent 10 pointer so I went in there this morning. Only saw 1 buck and I'm pretty sure it was him. Had him at 20 yards but was hunting from the ground and had no shot. He turned down one trail to early or I would have had shooting lanes at him. He came by at 7:15 but I never saw another deer after that. Torn on where to go tonight if the rain stays away. Lot's of corn coming out the last few days.
  6. archerystud

    Hunting reports....

    Kicked up a nice 10 pointer while scouting out a new spot today. I did find a beautiful spot where I think I'll be sitting in the morning
  7. archerystud

    Archery Hunting Photos

    Great buck tunrevir!!
  8. archerystud

    Hunting reports....

    Only saw a doe and a fawn last night strolling by. They ended up going down wind of me (why don't they go where they're supposed to!!!) but never winded me thankfully.
  9. archerystud

    Hunting reports....

    Saw 5 last night. Didn't expect much since I've hardly seen any deer on camera on that property. First 4 were does with two being chased to me. Last one came in late and I'm sure was a 1.5 year old buck.
  10. archerystud

    Buck Chasing Does??

    Had 2 does come flying into the woods tonight, obviously being chased. Later had a small buck come from that direction.
  11. archerystud

    How bout them Sioux!

  12. archerystud

    Wild 2014/2015 Regular Season

    Couldn't believe Brodz missed the break away in the first and now he ties it!!! Okay now how about Granlund, Pommer and Parise who are all -2, improve on their plus/minus!!!
  13. archerystud

    Wild 2014/2015 Regular Season

    I really like the Wild's pressure tonight despite being down by 2. Suter overskated the second goal and Prosser made a horrible pass on the third. I'd rather have Folin out there over Prosser or Falk. And just as I was going to say replace Brodz with Haula and this is a great looking team and Brodz scores.....
  14. archerystud

    Pitter Patter Lets Get at Er -- College Hockey Chatter

    leechlake, I think the rivalry was a little bigger a while ago. Also sucks they both teams aren't in the WCHA, but I can't fault the Gophs there as they were the only team B10 that wanted to stay in the old conference. I always loved the fact that the NHC was HOPPING when the Gophs showed up. Should always be a good rivalry with the close proximity of the schools. Gophers have the experience and talent. I haven't watched the Huskies this year but they should be solid on D and the first line, need a little depth. But maybe a game like this gets some of the young guys going.
  15. archerystud

    Pitter Patter Lets Get at Er -- College Hockey Chatter

    Gophers vs Huskies on my favorite bow hunting weekend of the year, that bites!! Huskies outshot Union pretty bad last weekend both nights in NY but goal tending wasn't stellar. Gotta expect 2 Gopher wins on the weekend but maybe we can steal a win....