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ruffed grouse

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Love those red phase birds, Sue.

Were you using the camera's own pop-up flash or did you have an external flash and if so, which one?

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    • Good for you, lhprop!  I hope you find the rightful owner.  If not you can make use if it with peace of mind knowing you tried!
    • Ha ha. I think my workin it, maybe somewhat your walking it.
    • The sad part of the whole thing, is if they would have somehow found a way to get one in OT to win Game 5, I think they finally got to Allen a bit. The forward D zone coverage was terrible in the game and for much of the series. Those goals that start out with a player against the boards skating in front of the net are a sign of a forward breakdown. The winning goal was on Zucker. It happens. I know we  were pressing a bit, but that killed us.   Now, for the offseason thread! :-) I would be willing to bet Haula isn't back. Ek, I think is going to be forced into the lineup and play a significant role next season. I would actually like to see Hanzal signed. I was a fan of the trade at the time and still am. I think as a 4th line guy he would be a nice addition. Perhaps Fletch can convince Pominville to waive his no trade clause to free him up for the expansion draft. I certainly don't expect Vegas to take him, and he wouldn't want to go there, but this would allow the team to protect one other player. We would have to eat some salary if we are able to ink a deal with another team, but I think that is doable. Russo actually was saying the same kind of thing in a recent interview.
    • I have a water jet pump and I have only needed to rely on it once when the power went out briefly. As floyd said it uses water to move water but it has its limitations. If you need it when the power goes out during a significant rain event its just going to make things worse.   I have a 1/2hp pump in my sump basin with a float on it. The waterjet also has a float on it set just higher than the main pumps float. in the event that the  1/2hp main pump burns out etc the water would raise high enough to hit the waterjet float and turn it on.   the battery back ups work great also but you need to maintain the batteries to make sure they are good to go when you need them and they are fully charged.   pros and cons to each but if possible I would opt to install both if you can.
    • Ihprop! Welcome to the forum and thanks for posting.  Just to get a better idea. Did you find it in a parking area or in the field? Mite help who ever lost it remember?
    • See I always use the poppin frogs for walking. I usually dont use the regular frog unless I am throwing it in really thick cover. Over the top of submerged weeds, timber, and docks I always use the poppin frog. For Spros, I actually think the poppin frog walks better than the regular one. 
    • I found some hunting gear yesterday and I figured I'd grab it and try to find the rightful owner before someone else claimed it for themselves. If you or anyone you know lost some hunting gear on public land in Waseca County over the past weekend, let me know.  If you can identify it, I will get it back to you.
    • Bummer. Battling a cough/cold here and the snooze alarm won this morning.  Hopefully I'll get out later this week.
    •   I use them and they seem to work fine. I guess with the poppin version I don't really walk them, I just work them in the holes and around other Bassy looking cover. I don't work them real fast. My guess is you would probably want to use the standard style for walking them.   Cret what versions did you test for walking, the standard styles or the poppin versions? 
    • Looked them up.   Personally they seem underpowered but it will depend on how much water you need to remove when you finally need that pump. The water powered pumps performance is based on water pressure. If you have 60+ psi then you can get 500-900 gpm and it looks like you will use 1 gallon of tap water for every 2 you pump out of the pit. For comparison I generally use 3/4 horse pumps at a minimum for the pumps which gives you something north of 3000 gph.   I'm not real sure if code and insurance even allow them so check first. If you have a small house and if the sump doesn't get used much it might be an option.
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