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  1. Don't use an expensive filter system if you have rust/sediment,you'll go broke buying filters-carbon filters are ruined in short order by rusty water. Use the system BobT illustrated,and run a cartridge filter in front of the softener.
  2. Doesn't a fax mach use a phone line? I thought he said there was no phone line where the secret devise is located. I'm wondering how the device's modem works on dial without a phone Jack there.
  3. I try to participate every year. Info available @ Cornell's site. Anyone else gonna count?
  4. Canon 17-85mmIS or maybe the Canon 28-105mm? Both are inexpensive,good lenses.
  5. 1000,maybe 1200. Still can't be told from new.
  6. Interesting. We were gonna put my wife's 20D up for sale for $250. LNIB Ordered her a 60D,otherwise we'd keep it. The 20D is still more camera than most folks will ever know how to use. The most sucessful portrait photographer in our area still uses a 20D as his main camera,he's been at it over 35 years and has a beautiful studio and a VERY comfortable income. 20D's are good cameras,the trick is finding one that hasn't been exposed to moisture,and has a low shutter count.
  7. We've had both-the Andersen wood and now vinyl. We prefer the vinyl hands down. No maintenance,will never rot or sweat. Granted,they're made better now,but I've seen alot of Andersen wood windows installed in the late 80's early 90's that are already rotting. Windows are exposed to alot of moisture and temp extremes-how much wooden plumbing do you ever see?
  8. My brother has that smell too-like someone s#!t in the sink. Is the bladderless tank like the old style galvanized? Does it require a vent for the gasses?
  9. Cdma? Gsm? I've got 8gigs & 3 terabytes on my desktop but I'm challenged on that phone stuff. What does that mean Dtro? Just hafta get a new iPhone? Thx.
  10. I heard Verizon will be avail on iPhones now? Hopefully this is true because the AT&T cell service around our area is total spotty junk. Anyone heard this?
  11. I don't run any spyware on the recommendation of the IT at our ISP. He said if their servers didn't catch the junk that nothing would. I found what he said hard to believe,but in 15 years we've never had a virus or a crash on any of the puters thru the years. I've loaded and ran a few of the free spyware sweepers and they found nothing so I un-installed them.
  12. Yep,insulation is the key,and it pays for itself. Our neighbors have an old 2 story with poor insulation and 20 yr old windows,they burn around 2500 gal of lp per yr. We burn about 800 gal in a year,so it was money well spent considering all our appliances are lp fired also. Our elect runs a yearly average of about $65/[email protected] cents per kw/hr.
  13. Most of the el cheapo little heaters at Wally world are 1500watts on their high setting. Heating a 10x10x10 room with only 1000 watts may be possible,but recovery time would be awfully slow. I have a buddy who put his Edenpure in his garage. Keeps it above freezing.
  14. I see alot of folks using a single 220V,4500watt hanging heater for what you want to do. Would be about like running another hot water heater-most of those have 4500watt elements as well.
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