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  1. panthrcat

    Best way to stop a moving deer

    whistle always worked for us,, we carry a whistle around our neck for just this purpose, but more often than not, I always forget in the moment too,, my hubby always says,, "remember your whistle" lol
  2. panthrcat

    I shot a drumming grouse

    I sat with one a few springs back,, for hours 'n hours!! I did get a few images of him.. he was the funniest thing to watch! he sat on a moss covered tree stump, and did his thing, then jumped off the stump to do a "walkabout" and then back to the stump to do the same thing over and over and over and over and over,, I was thrilled!!
  3. panthrcat

    HDR attempt

    I have never done this before, but have seen some beautiful work done in HDR, I am going to bracket some images while I am out this weekend and do another attempt at HDR when I get home next week. here's my efforts using photoshop CS3 Sue before: after:
  4. panthrcat

    Worth hunting public land?

    and any day in the bush hunting is wayyyyyyyyyyy better than a day at work. be safe out there guys 'n gals!!! I'm heading out this afternoon for a glorious weekend of hunting!!!
  5. panthrcat

    Worth hunting public land?

    yes very true, we usually get "railroaded" by guys the travel a long ways to get here, and for that reason they seem to think that if they camp at an area it's theirs due to time and money invested. it borders on the edge of "arrogance" and that can be a tough racket. we were hunting in the area we set our with this camp I mentioned in the above post, an area that we deemed as 'safe' for our party, we come across 5 of them on quads, moving quickly, passing us on quads, with loaded guns across their laps. can you say dangerous??? we pulled out. we have had some good experiences too, with local guys, who we have worked together with to take a moose, I guess that's the way it goes huh? personally, I would rather hunt in an area where there are no concerns. about 4 years ago, we had a father and his 2 boys (licenced) scoop us before dawn one morning (it was opening morning) and they got into a spot and parked their truck (don't ask me how in the world they got their truck in this spot as it was gumbo clay) but at any rate, they waited for us to go in with our quads, and after that I had a young fellow follow me into an area I was going to sit. he was only about 30 yards behind me, until I stopped and asked him what the he11 he was doing!!
  6. panthrcat

    Psycho Nuthatch

    wow those are some kind of amazing shots!! what do you shoot? what lens? they are incredibly crisp and tack sharp!! your a lucky duck!!
  7. panthrcat

    Gray Jay

    we love em,, our daughter thought it was the coolest thing to be able to feed them and have them land on her hand! I got some cool shots of her with a smile so big it melts your heart. a few years ago, we were cooking breakfast outside on our camp chef, and had a few strips of bacon left in the frying pan (cooled off) well this little guy jumped onto the edge of the frying pan and stole a strip!! our daughter thought it was the funniest thing!! we enjoy them as much as we can, whether it be hunting season or when we're out icefishing and having a shore lunch, they are a great and friendly bird
  8. panthrcat

    Worth hunting public land?

    we found out the hard way that this method doesn't work well. We went and visited a party of guys who moved into the area we had our camp, and we come up with a "game plan" to respect each other, and set some boundaries, well opening morning didn't go as we had hoped. as for "public" land, we call it "crown land" here in ONtario, and the amount of hunters has really discouraged me from heading out opening weekend. In fact I told my hubby that I refuse to take holidays for it. (hence us both going out in November this year) We have had more negative confrontations with hunters claiming that they "own" spots. I don't like the conflict and feel like I'm always looking over my shoulder for blaze orange, it almost ruined it for me. My hubby went out of his way to find an area of "crown land" that doesn't have the hunting pressure that our old hunting spots had, he's been up already a few weekends, and reassured me that the hunters are at a minimum. If the truth be known, I would rather hunt when the temperatures are cooler and snow is a bonus!! Sue
  9. panthrcat

    hi girls!!!!

    seems as though we're all busy,, goes with the territory eh? we're heading out tomorrow for a weekend of fun in the woods chasing moose! I can't wait to go!!!
  10. yea, I'd be cautious about that too, you just don't know
  11. panthrcat

    Hey Ken and Steve

    yes, I've looked at his link too, for workshops,, that would be so cool to be able to join in the fun.
  12. panthrcat

    Real or Hoax?

    naw I don't buy it. although my uncle who lives in BC said that way back when, he got a nice elk, and took some pics just like this, and once they got the pics home, they saw a cat in the tree above... although I never saw that photograph. I should ask and see if it's still kickin around.
  13. panthrcat

    ? for female hunters

    or on the internet, I've been struggling with that with our gal, I should have mentioned in the post above that she's 13 now and knows EVERYTHING!! aaahhhh!! but as someone above also said, "be glad that she goes" is true nuff!