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canvis craft northlander heat

Minn Fish

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After buying a regular sized buddy heater (not the Big Buddy), I would recommend going for the Big Buddy. Most people even recommend stepping up to a sunflower heater with the 20lb tank, but that's not feasible for those of us you pull out portables around everywhere.

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the smaller one will be fine. I have the 8x8 model and can keep it warm with the lantern most days. All I ever needed for more heat was the little sunflower cooker model set on low for the coldest days. wind is not a factor. worst thing about the insulated models is you will never be happy without it again. They are spendy but worth every penny and mine will pay for itself in propane savings over time.

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HEATER: If you have the money, buy the big buddy!!! Thats what i use and most of the time it's only on medium but for those cold days, having the high setting is nice.

HOUSE: I have the same house, w/out the norpac2 lining. The big buddy is the wat to go. IMO.

SET UP: If im alone and its windy, 1st, somehow make sure the house wont blow away (Never had it happen YET). 2nd,face the door into the wind. When you open the door it will pop up like a balloon. Then, start at the rear of the house. once you have the rear bars extended, i take one of the side bars, snap it on the rear top bar and extend it to the floor on the rear side of the divider and tighten. This way when you go to put up the front, the rear will not fall down. Once you have the front up and tight, put the other side bar in place on the side, tighten and then you can take the other side bar off and put it in its place and your done. Hope this helps, sounds like alot, but when you get it figured out it's simple TRUST ME iv'e had my house for many many years, i love it.

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If you have the Norpac lining, most times you won't be needing a big buddy.

I have the Magnum Otter CanvasCraft shelter with the Norpac material.

Zero degrees and I was turning the portable buddy heater off every 10 minutes (had it on high) because it was getting too warm.

There is no comparison (insulation wise) between a Norpac insulated shelter, and an uninsulated shelter, and the heating needs required for each are different as well.

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