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  1. Thanks for the tips Rob. So what would you recommend as the proper set-up for deep crankin'?
  2. The age old axiom proves true for LOW: Bring any color...as long as it's gold . I was up at LOW only 2x this year, and gold far outproduced any other color. Not sayin' you can't catch fish on other colors (we did), but gold (or gold/glo-red combo) were far the best producers. Eary in the season jigging outproduced dead sticking, but 2 weekends ago dead sticking outproduced jigging. Horizontal jigs saw more action than vertical (tear drop) jigs. Plain hooks picked up nothing. Nada. Weird. After many years going to LOW with WAY too many lures, I finally pulled all my gold lures out and put them in a kit marked LOW. It's always good to bring a few other color options, but for my crew gold has been the ticket. Many good (and well stocked) options are available at the bait/tackle shops near the lake. Good luck!
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    That's the spirit!
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    Curious to hear stories of anyone that may have been out in a soft-side portable today? I've done it before in winds like this, but couldn't muster up the intestinal fortitude to get it done 2day. Was gonna take my buddy and his kiddos, but decided to wait for a warmer/calmer day. Gettin' old. Nice day to have a hard-side for sure. There's just sumthin' awesome about being all toasty warm in a shack angling away, while outside is freezing cold and blizzardy. Just one of the reasons I love the hardwater. Anyone out 2day that didn't get blown away? Catch anything? -Have fun, and be safe out there.
  5. YET! Talked to the owner on the phone and one is in the works but no EDD right now. Good to hear. I will order one as soon as they are available.
  6. I have owned 3 Frabill hub shelters (Outpost, Headquarters, and now Thermal Headquarters) and have been pleased with all of them. If you are going to use it for an outhouse, I'm not sure that you need to pay the extra $$ for the thermal option. I guess it depends on the client(s) Also, while I like that the Frabill shelters are dark inside (I do not own the Fishoflauge pattern), for an outhouse option I would rather that the inside of the shelter allowed more light to penetrate. Clam hubs are far brighter inside than Frabill hubs, and you may want to consider going blue in this case.
  7. Great stuff Dtro. Nice editing.
  8. It was a blast. Seriously. I'm not one to enjoy fishing closer than a 1/2 mile from anyone, but I made up my mind that I was gonna experience the trout opener zoo at Courthouse lake this morning. So glad I did, and I will be making it an annual event from here on out. Why? It's just..different. I ended up getting a "late" start on the morning and didn't arrive to the lake until 6:30am. By then there were no parking spots close by and the lake was already full of shacks. I parked about 4 blocks away and slogged to the lake. I set up on the South side in 21ft. of water and dropped a line. I ended up with one 11" rainbow and watched several "wolf packs" cruise by my presentation (sight fishing). So Cool. Missed a fish as well. Water clarity was excellent. I've heard that Courthouse is an early morning bite, and judging by my experience (as well as those angling around me) this is indeed the case. All of the fish I observed cruising past my presentation passed by after 8:30am. There may be an evening bite as well, but after a couple hours of zero bites, I packed it up around 10:30am and headed home. I know. It looks silly, and stoopid, and crowded, and ridiculous...and it is. Still, the camaraderie is good, the angling can be great, and if you are prepared for "shack city", you may just have a fun time. Again, I am not one show up for an event like this. Never-the-less....I made up my mind that I was gonna give it a try, and I can honestly say that I had a great time. I'll be out there again next year; hope to see you there. PS. Pretty sure if you want to get a close parking spot you need to be at the lake around 4am...or earlier. Crazy fun.
  9. A bag that has shoulder straps on it is a nice feature when you are hoofing it your favorite fishing hole. I only need a small sled for the other items.
  10. Team hockey stick bags. Great idea! I have the same problem with my Frabill Thermal Headquarters. So annoying. I did NOT have this problem with my Frabill non-thermal Headquarters. That shelter had a great carrying bag with ample room to stow the shelter frozen, wet, or dry. I would gladly pay the extra few dollars for an adequate bag.
  11. Sorry. What I meant to say was that circle hooks will decrease possible mortality issues on released fish.
  12. The Dangler is just another version of the Rod Rocker. I have both, and they both work well for deadsticking. Most times when I'm deadsticking all I use is a minnow on a plain hook (may add a bead above the hook for extra visibility) with a split shot about 8-12" above the hook. That's it. These type of rod holders will (should) prevent the rod from going down the hole if the fish hits the minnow and pegs your rod to the hole before you can get to it. Never-the-less, I generally set the drag a tad lighter than normal as a precaution. On occasion I will also use a venom float on a deadstick (Definitely need a float if you are deadsticking for Northern Pike with a larger sucker minnow). When I do this I sometimes leave the bail open, or leave some extra line out. Don't leave the bail open on windy days though, as the wind can blow the line off of the spool in quick fashion. Circle hooks work well when deadsticking. If you aren't paying close attention, and the fish has had the line for awhile, a circle hook will prevent deep hooking and increase the mortality of the fish should you decide to release it. Remember not to perform a "hard" hook set when using a circle hook. A Slow steady pull is how you "set" the hook when using this type of hook. Good luck!
  13. Fun day! Looks cozy in that Frabill. Thanks for sharing.
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    Best auger

    What does "heat treated" mean?
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