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  1. I know what was meant.... and some corners / intersections on the country roads are always sandy. I ride the big bikes and have learned to deal with it rather than stay home. In our state you already have too short a riding season. gotta make the most of every possible time.
  2. Wait? Are you kidding me? Some sandy areas?? Hell we have that year round in my neck of the woods, just got to know how to ride it. My son and I will be out in full force this weekend! Been riding for 40 years and every first ride of the year there's snow in the ditches. Even drag raced a snowmobile one year. God I love that first ride to get in the wind again after being grounded a few months. Best therapy in the world, mind is never as clear.
  3. Just bought my first wheelhouse. I have fished mostly smaller lakes over the years that had no roads plowed and In a typical MN winter (unlike last year) were pretty much off limits to wheelhouses. Besides the biggies of mille lacs, Lotw, winnie, leech and red. Anybody have names of other lakes they've been to where a guy can get a road-pass from a resort and get around easy? Would like as many options as possible and I know there has to be more out there? Any help is appreciated.
  4. I just got my first wheelhouse and am on the fence about if I want them or not. You guys that have them and dont use them, why not? anybody else get them later and regret not getting them right away?
  5. Thanks guys, your right. the floor jack/ hatchet job is I think the best backup plan. Hey westguy, In the years youve had yours ever had to use the manual over-ride? any other tips from guys that have had one of these a while can give me to lessen the learning curve is much appreciated.
  6. what year is yours? I didn't get any help from the dealership (which I would never recommend) mine is a 2015 and didnt see any fuses or manual over-ride or was told of any.
  7. newbie question. Bought a 2015 hold over. Do you set directly down on the ice? If so what do you do if a jack goes out? I know ice castle guys can just put a new cable on if one breaks but we cant do that. I asked a guy at the dealership and he said you always need a secondary lift option and to block it up enough so you can get a hi-lift jack under it if needed. or he personally had tabs welded on his frame to be able to lift with the jack when all the way down on the ice. messing around with mine today I found I needed a 2x4 on top of a 4x4 to block high enough to fit the jack under it when down. I have hole sleeves and with snow could bank it and probably be fine this way but would like to be closer to the ice. So without having to weld tabs on the frame how else could a guy get it lifted? I wont set it all the way down unless I have a way to get it back up manually, I'm one of those guys that doesnt want to take chances and wont go without a plan B and calling people hoping someone can help.
  8. thanks rundave. Exactly the kind of thing im looking for. and yea the truck I currently have rides rough the same way empty--that's how it should be in a truck. If i want a car ride I will drive a car..plus it rides a lot smoother and doesn't squat like its begging for mercy with a load on.
  9. Looking at a used 2nd gen. 5.7 tundra to buy. are there any important updates or changes to pick one year over another? Like a 2009 instead of an 07 or 08? Any common problems or recalls to look out for? And if you own one how do you like it? good points vs bad? real world mpg? ....basically anyone with experience of one of these I'd like to hear from ,,figure the guys on this site would use one like I will, on the lake, in the woods, towing, not just bringing groceries home. Any help is appreciated.
  10. I bought the pro 4 and its been great. I don't buy the logic of the "lite",, why give up power and get an unreliable unit to save a few pounds? If you are too weak to handle the couple pounds heavier auger you probably aren't going to be drilling tons of holes anyhow, which is where the "lite" was supposed to be the better unit to avoid fatigue....total marketing gimmick to separate more of you from your money.
  11. Hey guys, As my mind turns to thinking about the river opening up I have a question I've always wondered about. I fish the upper Miss. between Becker and Clearwater and the channel cat fishing is awesome. But I am always jealous of the guys I see getting the big flatheads on the minnesota river. If they can flourish on waters like that how come they cant on the upper Miss? As far as I know the dnr stocked the channels years ago and its been a great success. Why not the flatheads too? All I can think of in the difference between the rivers is the smallies, is it that they would hurt the smallie population? Thats just a guess I really have no idea, anyone more knowledgeable about this have any answers?
  12. Put a few miles on yesterday just for an encouraging positive reminder in future winters that get long and snow late-- "hey remember the one year I went for a ride the same day we got 10 inches" With this forecast the season is now in full go for me, just be careful guys, of course the sand is typically bad but the potholes are as bad as my 30 years riding have seen. it felt like playing a video game trying to avoid them in certain spots.
  13. Completely agree. Harvick is always the one pushing around the new guys, Legano etc. One of the biggest Hacks out there. I have to bow out though to superior knowledge as the guy apparently attends many races a year as the only way I found to get the spotter scanner is to be at the races. And it would take more than a time or two of listening to conclude a guy like Kenseth is a hack even though hes never in the kind of dirty crapp Harvick is. I dont live or die by any one guy but there sure are some different "styles" I cant believe some of these drivers have any fans at all. and yeah it will be interesting whith two of the biggest whiners on the same team, Rosie and Happy
  14. Lol, Yea even as a casual fan I sort of wished he would have decked him too. I guess you are one up on me there as I've never listened to the spotter scanner. Is that something you can get at home online or just at the track? Also what kinds of stuff would he do? dont all of them do all they can short of wrecking a guy to stay ahead?
  15. Really? Once again the internet is full of opinions without any knowledge. Name examples of how Kenseth is a hack..being your the first and only person ive ever heard say that im thinking your a hater with brand loyalty as your standard being you said "anyone that drives toyota" and all your Favorites drive chev. (fit right in with JR nation rednecks) He's a frickin past champion from back when you had to earn a title! plus one of the most respected drivers in the sport. Tell you what for every example you give that he's a "hack" I bet I can give two for any of the guys you listed as favorites
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