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  1. There was a construction show that I saw where they guy picks up plastic bottles on the beach and stuffs them into mesh bags. He then bound all of the bags together and built a floating cabin. I think that he then grew mangrove trees on top so that the roots would quickly bind all of the bags/bottles together even tighter. It was pretty slick and similar to what this lady was doing.
  2. When my buddy Fat Pat sits in the bow of my boat (where you're not supposed to be when the boat is moving due to visibility), my 90hp is sluggish getting on plane - usually with one or two other guys in the middle with me. If I switch to my other prop with better hole shot, it pops out of the water. With Fat Pat back towards me it does just fine with either prop.
  3. My 2002 is carbureted with a reserve tank. However, if you had the switch on "Reserve" it would just run through all of the fuel. Is there a pump in the 2004? Mine is gravity fed from the tank into the carb. My guess would also be that there is an issue with the pickup tube, either being out of position or possibly clogged. Maybe it needs a certain amount of pressure (from a full tank) in order to get gas past the clog to the motor.
  4. I would tend to agree that the best way to work muscles are: 1) in natural movements, 2) in conjunction with other muscles, and 3) using good form. Leg extensions and leg curls have their place for individualized muscle development, but they shouldn't be the priority but more the gap fillers in terms of exercises.
  5. I just run to my dealer and buy the Suzuki stuff. It's a little more pricey but I don't sweat the extra $5-$10 per year. It cost me $50 for 4L of oil and the filter. I did the lower unit in the fall so I don't remember the gear oil cost. Mine is a 2009 DF90, so pretty similar. Make sure that when you grease all of the zerks to look in your manual. There is one that you won't see until you tilt your motor all the way up. There is also one below the shift linkage that you can't reach unless you take off the lower skirts on both sides. There's about 10-12 screws holding the skirt on b
  6. Yup, I'm going to drain everything. The belt showed cracking and the filter was dirty, despite being a very clean machine. I downloaded the manual and it talks about 10W30 for the counterbalance. I also bought a quart of recommended Polaris 2-stroke oil for the gas mix. I quizzed the guy at the shop about mixing the 2-stoke Polaris Gold from my '97 Polaris snowmobile with the ATV 2-stroke oil to use it up. He didn't say no or yes, which is better than an outright "no don't do that." He just said to mix bits here and there as a supplement.
  7. That was the same advice that I got from the previous owner. I'm going to drain and change all of the oil this spring. I still need to learn what the counter balance does....but I know it needs oil!
  8. After inching towards an ATV purchase over the past year or more, I finally pulled the trigger on a lightly used 2002 Polaris Xplorer 400. I couldn't be happier and am still learning. A lot of you provided great information that I used while researching and looking over used ATVs. Now I've got some things to attach such as a winch, and will start saving up to possibly buy a new ATV off the shelf in another year or two. I appreciate everyone's input.
  9. I think that I'm going to go the route of buying a cheaper, used ATV now before the ice leaves the lake, and then spend the summer/fall testing out new/newer ones that will be my "nice" one.
  10. Hijacking my own thread, are there any consensus "stay away" ATVs that anyone would like to point out? I realize that this may turn into a Chevy/Ford debate but sometimes there are crappy model years....and motors that seem to be bullet-proof.
  11. I shouldn't be riding in many off camber situations. The most that I'll tow is logs and maybe a tow-behind sled with gear. The squat shouldn't affect me. Are the IRS rigs that much less reliable or was it just the old Sportsmans? It seems like 80% of the ATVs on clist are sportsmans.
  12. Try drilling a bigger hole on the side and see if they stop.
  13. Here's the next thing that I hadn't thought of, but I've got 8 acres of rocks, tree roots, stumps, mud, and hills....you know, typical land on the range. I've read some opinions online but am happy to read more. I assume that I can get by with a straight rear axle and would appreciate having the lighter vehicle, but am thinking that I have a high certainty of being on uneven terrain 90% of the time. The only trail this will ride is full of rocks....a 1st gear path through the woods.
  14. I never thought about the possibility of plowing my own trail with a v-plow.
  15. So it sounds like I need to be realistic about what an ATV can do in the snow, carry a shovel, and invest in a set of chains. Got it! Ahhh, I appreciate the offer but I'm done with snowmobiles for now. Besides, I'd have to clear a bunch of trees and build a shed to start housing all of this stuff. I'm committed to going the ATV route and if I can't use it at times in the winter, so be it.
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