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  1. In the flasher mode, does this unit have the zoom capability To zoom in on a particular section of the water column?
  2. Don't seem like a thermostat issue, obviously its sending a signal to the furnace to start up if its trying to ignite. Try cleaning the spark ignitor and pilot assembly with a small wire brush, same with flame sensor if equipped. Also check gas pressure if possible, check regulator, and fresh air intake. Hope this helps.
  3. If it has the lockdown technology , it should not hit the shelf at anytime, down position or on the drop. When the rest is in the down position there should be a gap between rest fingers and shelf.
  4. Cyclops 3.5 million candlepower, 12 volt cig. lighter plug in. works great in the boat. rechargeables ALWAYS go dead when u need em most.
  5. draw smoothness, valley, letoff, handshock, speed.
  6. 3 of us went on saturday, 1st time for us, prob the last! reasons: waiting in line too long to get in. once inside, it was PACKED! not enough room. and from what i seen, there aint much there for the average guy, unless u are lookin for outfitter / guide service.
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  8. where can i get the best deal on a 6.6'x14' w/3'v-front frame with crank down wheels?
  9. shot the creed next to the elite hunter. result was IMO, both shot very nice, backwall seems better on the elite and felt a bit more sting vibration on the creed, maybe cause of the split limbs?? i ordered the elite with 100% snow camo.
  10. Fishing on a lake with an areator, i know they put up signs all the way around the open water area which you are not supposed to be inside the bounaries (i believe). BUT, what if the open water from the areator is open up to a public boat ramp, could a guy leagally put a boat in and fish the open water inside the thin ice signs / boundaries? Just a conversation we had in the fishouse tonight. might sound crazy, but late winter like this in a shallower lake, the o2 levels usually decrease except by the open water areators correct? one would think the fish would congregate where there is more o2.
  11. SC mn lake, dads buddies did well thurs night, buddy and i fished it fri night and tonight. last night was good, close to limit on crappies and 4 eyes, tonight before storm caught 4 crappies, very slow, fish were very negative.
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