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Walleye Setup---ask the experts

Ryan M

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I've been ice fishing strong now for about 3 years and I need to improve my walleye set ups. If you had 120 bucks to spend, what would you guys and gals look to get. Ideally I would like a jigging rod and one to use as a dead stick. Also what would be your ultimate must have jigs?

Thanks for the info.

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Well after fighting and landing a 26.5" a few years ago and landing a 30" and 24.5" walleyes this weekend I would go with a St. Croix legend ML with a spring bobber and match it with a Tica Cetus SS500 or SB550 with 4lb P-line floro ice and the lure this weekend was a snap swivel with a perch colored Rapala jigging rap.....this set-up is IMO the best overall set-up on the ice!!!

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Ozzie, Never considered using a spring bobber rod for jigging raps ... didn't you find the rap a little heavy for the spring bober? I typically only use my SB rods for jigs and spoons. Swim type baits I like traditional graphite ice rods without a SB so I can better control the action. Must be working for you ... congrats on the big hogs!

For a deadstick ... definitly checkout a TB 32" deadstick rod.

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I have started adding a drop of Krazy glue to the rod tip just for added security.......I use the spring bobber although it is at a bent angle it still helps to see if the fish is lipping or swimming up with it and if they hit it hard well it doesn't hurt anything or effect the performance of the rod......

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