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  1. Chaska Firemen's fishing contest is January 24th...1-3 PM. http://chaskafire.org/fishing.htm
  2. i got a bair of AA plus in XL for x-mas. I'm 5'11" and 185...I think I need to exchange for a L. what do you guys think?
  3. I've been ice fishing strong now for about 3 years and I need to improve my walleye set ups. If you had 120 bucks to spend, what would you guys and gals look to get. Ideally I would like a jigging rod and one to use as a dead stick. Also what would be your ultimate must have jigs? Thanks for the info.
  4. Hey ameyers41 (Tony), remember that time we were out fishing on Medicine and I got that 46 inch muskie through the ice on an ultra light rod with a crappie minnow! And remember how I asked you to hold it while I got my camera and before I could take the picture you dropped it because it was so heavy, and it flopped right down your hole! And then to top it off I dropped my camera trying to grab the muskie and of course, the camera falls down the hole. Worse yet, we had a twenty dollar bet on biggest fish and you said that since there was no picture, there was no fish! Unbelievable that your 4 inch perch was the only other thing we caught that night and I was out 20 bucks.
  5. Quote: I think that the catch should count. He clearly had the fish and it was on the ice. Since you let it go back down your hole it should count. Had it gone back down his hole then it would not have counted. Take care and N Joy the Hunt././Jimbo Absolutely it was Tony's fault! How do you let a 24 inch walleye go through your hole? It certainly wasn't because we were catching fist fulls of fish! Couting the one that got away, I think we had a total of 3! I would love to have intstant reply on this, as then I would have record of my biggest fish through the ice...instead, I get to read about my "fumble" on FM...Tony, what a friend! Seriously though, as Tony and I talked about it, a fish like that made the treck through the snow, 1/2 mile out, all worth while!
  6. Ryan M

    Massive Pike

    How come I can't see the picture in this thread?
  7. Slyster~ Thanks for the tip on the beatle spin. I went with a similar color combo last night and hit about 15 crappies in about 30 minutes right before sunset (and the rain).
  8. Ryan M

    I'm bummed

    Bartman, I feel you pain! If it weren't for guys like Sarg, I'd be hand augering through 20 inches of ice this afternoon!
  9. anyone heading to cumberland for the ice fishing tourney Feb 10th? I'll be in town and wondering if I should participate.
  10. I had my first sip of this stuff over the weekend....YUM!
  11. Ryan M

    Neutral Post ...

    darned if you do, darned if you don't.
  12. another elem. PE teacher! I have the mis-fortune of working with Serg. Slabber
  13. Ryan M

    best fish fry

    Hey guys~ I figure I would ask you guys this, since you're the experts. I'm looking for some restaurants in the southern metro that have good fish fries. Being a transplanted Wisconsinite, who is used to friday night fish fries, I'm trying to find some around here. Let me know if you have some ideas! Thanks.
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