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Eric Wettschreck


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This spring I promised myself I'd upgrade some gear. I had my share of so-so rods and I wanted a few higher end ones.

Between work and life and a broken boat I didn't get out much. Well those days are over and I've finally spent some time on the water.

I bought 3 rods. I chose the Jason Mitchell series due to how happy I was with his ice rods.

There is a definate learning curve involved with higher end rods. These, or any other high end rod are not Wal-Mart series. More sensitvity, faster tips, stronger backbone, it all adds up.

Using the JMSS59MXF while vertical jigging was interesting at first. I could feel everthing. A 1/16th oz jig felt like a walleye bump. I can't remember how many false hook sets I had. However, once I got it figured out is when I started wondering how many fish in the past I missed cuz I never felt them.

The JMSS76MLXF is one of the best live bait rigging rods I've ever used. Yeah, it's long but wow, what a caster, especially with longer snells on.

The JMSS66MF is the best all around rod I've ever felt. Great caster, super fast tip, and a strong backbone.

I'm glad I did the upgrade and will continue to slowly add to my arsenal. If you've been thinking about getting at least one higher end rod, quit thinking and do it. If you're like me it will take a little time to learn the rod. Once you get it figured out you'll be amazed at how much better they perform.

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I agree Eric. I have been very happy with both Jason's ice and open water rods. A great rod for the money.

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Good to hear you are stepping up on rods. I got my Dad out while he was in town and he never used rods like the St. Croix or Limit Creeks I have. They make one heck of a difference fishing. Nice meeting you at the KOTC by the way.

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I have 2 new Walleye rods in progress in the basement to replace/add to the Walleye rods I have now. The ones I have now are pretty darn good, but the new ones should be excellent. They are Rx7 Rainshadow blanks, very high modulus graphite, comparable to the high end St. Croix rods. Just need to get some time to get down there and get busy.

I have the handle on one, just need to wrap the guides, then add the decorative wraps, apply the thread finish, and go fishing. But alas, life is a little busy right now. At this rate it may be next spring before I can fish them frown

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