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Interesting catch while carp fishing

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So I was out fishing for carp today trying out a jighead with artificial grub(worked pretty well too!). The area where I was fishing has a couple of loose logs around, and I was snagging them often enough. At around 5 or so, I hit another snag. I grab my line and pull on it and sure enough it feels like a small loose log, fairly heavy but pulling on it made it come to me slowly but surely.

When I get it close, turns out it wasn't a log.


Biggest snapping turtle I've eve seen. My lure was caught under the lip of his shell. I didn't have a net with me, and had no way of pulling him up on shore(also was only fishing with 4 or 6 lb test, can't remember for sure what I put on that reel).

Luckily with a bit of effort I got him unhooked, was able to get it done with just leaving him in the water. Best of all, I still have my 10 fingers!

Has this happened to anyone else here? I think I ran across a youtube video of Dtro catching a snapper on the minnesota river.

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I've caught a few, though usually on natural baits. It's usually "Darn, I'm snagged. No, I'm not... oh, man, how do I deal with this?" Snip.

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i get em all the time when fishing on some rivers. Hate it, cuz either I gotta risk getting my finger taken off, or leave a hook in their mouth/gullet. Those suckers are MEAN, and ridiculously quick and explosive

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I catch plenty of turtles throughout the summer.

*snerk*.... No comment

- Sorry, had to go there.

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • I’m in a similar situation right now and I am “freaking out” how did it work out for you what paper work did you file? Who did you reach out to?
    • Did someone pee in your charcoal 😁?
    • I like to see the fish that gets away verses not. A few weeks ago, I was trolling for walleyes on the SLR and while reeling one in, something grabbed a hold of it and fought hard for a while but chewed the walleye pretty bad. Trolled over the same are 20 minutes later and caught another walleye and this time it didn't let go and I saw what was eating my walleyes and it was a huge musky that got close to the boat and snapped the line and left with my crankbait and fish. So, the one I saw that "got away" was a cooler sight than the mystery fish that attacked my walleye that I never got to see earlier that day
    • Besides the motor on the back, I don't see much a difference between an old boat and a new boat.   It's not like new boats parallel park themselves.           
    • and still end up with an old boat as was said earlier.  I think it's more a labor of love for what we have...
    • looks like it got corrected! thanks Rick
    • Looks fine to me @rundrave :D
    • Hello from the NW Angle!

      Surface water temperatures range from 65 in the morning reaching low 70s during the late afternoon. 

      Minnesota has been best in shallower areas such as the Flag Island Flats (5-9 ft.) Prime time being the evening bite with many nice fish including a 31" beast. Deeper water around Four Blocks and LIttle Oak are providing good action for Walleye/Sauger. Orange has been the top color. Even with the recent Mayfly hatch and plenty of crayfish in fishes bellies, (Walleye, Sauger and Northerns) the fishing is awesome!

      Canadian fishing has been the best using bottom bouncers in the mud with gold being the most productive color spinners. Jigging will produce fish around structure with larger Walleye/Sauger coming out of 26+ feet of water. Pike and Muskie action is somewhat concentrated to underwater weeds or occasionally while jigging for walleye.

      We hope to see you soon! 
      Sunset Lodge
    • I think you'd probably have to develop connections to find the right boats at the right price.  If you could also increase the number of boats you do in a given season you could also start buying some materials in bulk which would help drive material costs down.  Still I'm guessing margins would be relatively thin, certainly not a get rich quick scheme. 
    • New Ice shelter coming this fall from Otter and Polaris specifically made for full size Rangers.  This will be available through Polaris Dealers.   https://fishingminnesota.com/forums/topic/210952-new-ice-shelter-from-polaris-and-otter/