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  1. rippin lips leakin livers work as good as stink bait with out the mess
  2. A crawler on the bottom will get you plenty in a river right after ice out. Look for warm water and baitfish. A creek inlet will have both
  3. I think the super high water is the main culprit. Tracking studies have shown that the fish will move a long ways downstream for winter. Flats are not a fast water fish, and probably never moved back up in the spring. After the spawn fish set up a home range wherever they happen to be till fall. Makes sense that p2 has seen an increase in fish the past two years.
  4. I run a 2007 1960 roughneck flat bottom with a 115/80. No need to remove the center keel. You shouldn't need a jack plate if you raise the transom up 7". Try to get the biggest motor you legally can. My boat is rated for up to a 105 hp (150/105) and wish I would have went with that set up instead of 115/80.
  5. I will be up there wed-sun. Probably see you guys up there
  6. It sounds like the sturgeon bite is going strong up there already. I hope it lasts
  7. Mine always last until they die I can keep fish all summer in my stock tank with enough oxygen and clean water.
  8. I have a 35k btu in my 16' house and love it. I use less gas than most guys I know with heaters half that size and my house is always warm
  9. I got 3 JM reels for free last season and none of them made it through the winter. handle broke on one, and the drag quit on the other two. Very surprised to see the JM name on such junky reels.
  10. I was running 3.5-4 mph on monday. anything slower and I couldn't buy a bite
  11. I have seen people using gapen bait walkers with good results
  12. that's a lot of sturgeon! looks like quite a few carp too
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