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polaris carb problems

heat checker

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I have a 96 magnum 425 that has carb problems. Cleaned carb and put in a new diaphram,main jet. It would only idle if I pulled the vaccum line off going to fuel pump. Tried the mixture setting from lean to rich, made no difference. Put the Eclip from the richest setting(bottom) to the leanest(top)on the midrange needle. Now it idles nice, but coughs, sputters and dies after about qtr throttle. Same thing it did before work was done on it. Am I still running too rich on the needle, to my knowledge it might be original part and maybe worn enough to cause the rich condition? Have checked the boot between carb and intake. By eye, the cam looks fine also. Thanks

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a couple other things to check would be an inline fuel filter if you have one and change the spark plug.

Also check your gas cap if there is a vent hose routed under your plastic. It could be vapor locking on you if the hose is plugged.

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You could try adjusting the throttle cable, you can also take off the cover on the throttle assembly on the handle bars. there is a ETC (electronic throttle control) that has 2 metal contacts, when they touch it causes the machine to die, these are adjusted buy adjusting the throttle cable.

also make sure you route the throttle cable correctly. On my 500 there is a channel along the side of the gas tank, make sure its not kinked or anything abstructing it.

My quad was acting the same way, idled great and ran great, but it would just randomly start acting up and i had taken the gas tank off to get to my plug, when I put everything back together I didnt route the cable right and I figured this is what caused it.

Also with the CV carb, you have to maintain a certin amount of vacuum for it to operate right. It takes resistance on the filter side of the carb to pull the slide up, not sure EXACTLY how it works but from what I can gather it has to do with velocity through the carb that pulls the vacuum to operate the slide.

These carbs are very sensative to changes.

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