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Guess after the cheater in the hat's claim last weekend that he would give his employees lie detector tests to clear them and then decide to appeal, that either a. he was lieing or b. his lie detector tests didn't give him much to go to NASCAR with.

Glad the cheater got caught and is taking his lumps!

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I respect Joe Gibbs, just don't like his obnoxious drivers or his selling out to the almighty Yen. On the other hand, I don't really have any problems with Roush's drivers, but I can't stand the whining crybaby in the hat.

And Yes, HMS is clearly the best. I also though don't mind the RCR team (I'm not big for Harvick though). I like DEI fine too.

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Seems to me that pretty much every team cheats in one way or the other. I mean the crew chiefs are paid to find loop holes and push the limits. Chad Knaus is one of the best at this and I've heard him say it in an interview.

It all boils down to if and when they get caught.

Kudos to the teams that don't do it, but personaly I believe that most do it or have done it. JMO though. Not trying to offend anyone.

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