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  1. Meaney

    Week 4 Winner

  2. Meaney

    Who do you like in Las Vegas?

    I'm picking the 17 of course! I would love to see 3 in a row.
  3. Meaney


    I AGREE!
  4. Meaney


  5. Meaney

    Week 2 Winner

    CONGRATS Uncle Bill Darn, I really thought I had this one... but a 4th place finish I will take
  6. Meaney

    Worst 500 ever?

    Tell you the truth if they hold out til monday Im not going to watch it... if they thought that the rain would quit and they could resume the race in 1-2 hours tops than thats fine, but who wants to wait til midnight or moday to see 4 laps. I dont just say that because I am a Kenseth fan
  7. Meaney


    I say they get rid of it, I dont need to see a cartoon gopher jump out of the screen everytime they go to that track cam
  8. Meaney

    Week 1 Winner

    congrats METROJOE
  9. Meaney

    Worst 500 ever?

    I agree that the pre-race [PoorWordUsage] needs to be shortened. I mean who needs a half hour dedicated to that gopher Digger. Congrats to the 17 though...
  10. Meaney

    Fish House Break In's

    maybe someday they will make a more secure ice house that you can leave your stuff in there...but then I guess it gets too heavy and expensive. Cant win I guess huh
  11. Meaney

    Fish House Break In's

    Yeah until they open the door and see nothing is there to steal so they decide to trash it instead. I agree with you all with cutting off the hands You think pretty soon the cops will start staking out ice houses or waiting inside them?? I doubt it, im sure they will say they have more important things to do.
  12. Meaney

    Fl-18 or LX3tc?

    would the LX3 be a good buy for someone like me who has never owned or used one before?...or could you recommend a better "starter" flasher
  13. Meaney


    I enjoy the game, definitely not as much as I did 4 but still a great game.
  14. Meaney

    gaming console or pc?

    Console for me, simply because of the constant upgrading needed for pc's