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Muskie Tournaments

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Every year about this time, I try to plan a little for next season. Maybe a couple trips, set some goals, think about what I need to add to the arsenal and so on. I am not a very big tournament fisherman, I have fish a few with moderate success but nothing big to speak of.

This year I am planning on fishing some Muskie Tournaments. I am just wondering how many of you guys have fished the PMTT and the Hartman Tournaments i.e Minnesota Muskie Trail.

This year, the PMTT is going all over the upper midwest with their championship up here on Lake Bemidji. After living on Bemidji for a few years I am drouling over the chance to fish it for the PMTT Chanpionship but with the qualifing that it would take to get there, I don't think that I have enough time to travel and fish the distant tournies.

The MMTT is more up my alley this year with Tournies on, Vermillion, Mille Lacs, Leech/Cass, and the Metro.

Sounds like a good time, a little Pre Fishing, some good friends, Fish the Tourney, maybe boat a fish or 2. All the while a little friendly Competetion. Not to mention that it is cheap.

What do you guys that have fished the trails think about this comming year... Any advice is always appreciated.

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I'll very likely never have the skills, time, and big water rig but the MMTT does seem like a nice way to break into tourney fishing. Fun stuff, great waters, easy on the wallet, etc.

Heck, I'm nervous about doing the one day Hartman Metro tourney in June! Last year 1st and 2nd came from my backyard lake. I went there the next day (Sunday) not knowing the results and was wondering why the lake was so busy with 20 footers all helicoptering out Magdawgs!

Whatever you decide, don't lose sight of the fact that fishing is supposed to be fun, simple as that!


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Although I haven't fished a Hartman tourney yet, I have talked with guys who have and have told me that it is a very good experience. Nothing but positives about how it was ran.

I was just on the MMTT site today, and yes, the entry fee has been raised to $500 per boat. Do I mind, no way, because of what is given back to the fish. I am always in favor of that.

I was thinking about fishing the Mille Lacs tournament, but haven't located a parnter yet, so am still up in the air about it, but I think it would be an awesome time.

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Paul runs a tight ship and you will have a great time and learn a lot! I have fished in and done the other side of the coin in being a judge boat for Paul. Everything is as legit as its going to get with Paul, can't say that for other larger events. Just remember you are fishing, fishing public waters none the less. Other people are going to tick you off and vise versa. You will catch sub-legals, have a monster or two get off or mysteriously have your line break/cut for the first time ever...then there is the lure that breaks in half while your money fish swims away laughing...and the list go's on. Keep a light heart and chin-up, also changing your last name to Hamernick or Christensen is highly recommended...lol confused.gifgrin.gif

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I would like to enter the Mille Lacs Tournament. I dont have a boat but have plenty of experience fishing muskies. Is anyone in contemplating entering but without a partner?

Contact the organizers. They will hook you up with a boater.

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I would like to see a MN calendar of all tournaments for all fish species for all public lakes. Nothing is more depressing than planning a muskie outing or any fishing outing with people that can get out once or twice a year and an hour into fishing have 30-40 rangers come flooring it out right at ya. I certainly would've chosen a different lake and this has happened quite a few times. No wonder some lake shore people get their pants in a bunch, got dozens of rangers howling around at 6 AM bass fishing, but the average Joe on the lake feels it's muskie related and I don't want the muskie haters to get more ammo. However, I would love to do a tournament as well and only wish we had a universal calendar that tournaments were posted on for each year, including muskie inc. nights/local fishing club nights,bass,muskie,walleye etc. At least I'd be aware and could choose to go elsewhere and it would be my fault for not looking ahead of time. smile A wink's as good as a nod to a blind mule smile

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