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  1. With muzzle loader season kicking off this weekend and reports of the rut being very slow thus far, what are opinions on how much if any of the rut is left? This past weekend I saw two nice bucks dogging a doe out in a field. Went out and setup my ground blind and am still finding tons of new rubs in the woods. Not much for scrapes, but with the ground being frozen like it is, didn't expect much. I guessing there might still be a few does that have not come into heat or few that are in breeding mode now. I am setup in the woods between bedding and a large picked cornfield, hoping to catch them on their way to eat, but hoping that maybe there is still enough of the rut left to keep a few big boys on their feet and moving?????????
  2. Seems that I can't buy some rainfall. I'm not sure if there is some force field up around this area or what, but every storm seems to skirt us to the north or south. Went out to look at the fields tonight where we planted a small area of food plot and its a sad sight to say the least. Walked the field and it was like a dust cloud..........serious rain needed quick.
  3. MUSKY18

    Must Have Tools????

    I couldn't agree with you more. When my dad passed I got his old handwarmer when me and my brother were going through all his hunting stuff. It almost gets too hot at times, but runs forever and is something that I will never forget when going to sit on stands those cold days. I also have a power block for my phone. I actually bought one that will fully recharge my phone 4 times over before it is out of juice. When you are sitting all day playing Angry Birds, ya definitely need it!
  4. MUSKY18

    Finding replacement low beam????

    I have a 2004 Sportsman 500 HO and the low beams blew out. Need to replace them but am having a terribly hard time finding anywhere to buy replacement bulbs, other than a dealer which want 25 bucks a light. I know the bulb is #81169, but havent found much on the internet so far. Anyone have some helpful places? Thanks in advance.
  5. MUSKY18

    What is a good firearm cleaning kit?

    I got rid of my kits and went to the Hoppe's Bore Snake. Run it through your barrel twice and its SPOTLESS! Very easy and very fast. Have one for all my rifles and will be getting one for the shotguns as well.
  6. MUSKY18

    Wisconsin Opener

    Do they have big deers over there?
  7. MUSKY18


    I believe that there are still some monsters in that place, just like everywhere else, just fewer of them. So just for that alone I'll be sitting up a tree and waiting!
  8. MUSKY18

    How many deer can one person take?

    Holy moly Rocky..........basically it seems that it is more important as to the area you are hunting (HC, Lottery or Bucks Only) as opposed to the license. From reading all through these responses, I believe I am okay with what my plan is. THE PLAN: Bow hunt in managed area (214), so I will hopefully harvest a doe for the freezer and use a management tag for that. That leaves me to hunt for a buck with my main bow tag OR using my firearms tag (Area 259, which is lottery) without breaking any rules and getting my hind end tied up in trouble. Personally, I think the DNR needs to do something to make things like this much more simple to understand and interpret for the hunters. Why not just go to Bucks Only and Lottery? In the areas that they want to have more does harvested, just give out more doe permits.
  9. Okay, so last night I was talking with my FIL, and he was trying to convince me that a person in MN can only shoot one deer with their primary license of any type of weapon.....meaning, if you were to shoot a deer with your bow, you are no longer allowed to hunt with your firearm. I disagreed, stating that if you harvest a deer with your bow (lets say a doe), then you are able to still hunt with your firearm license and harvest a buck, or vice versa, harvesting a buck with your bow and then using your firearm to harvest a doe (if legal in the area you are hunting or having a doe permit). I don't remember seeing anything stating in the regs that you are only allowed to harvest a deer with one type of weapon, and maybe there was a few too many Diet Coors involved, but he made a compelling argument, but I still believe he is wrong.......right?
  10. MUSKY18

    deer co-cain mineral licks

    I bust up the blocks as well.......for one reason, I can use one block in multiple spots with cameras when scouting to find out what's on your land. Another reason, is that when the blocks are broken down into smaller pieces, they will break down and soak into the soil faster. While the deer like to lick the blocks, watch them dig and eat the dirt once it is full of salt/minerals. I have a hole in front of my stands that is 2-3 feet deep. I just throw some chunks of salt in the hole every year and it keeps getting deeper. Same thing if it is sitting on an old stump. Salt/minerals will soak into that stump and the deer will eat the heck out of the stump.
  11. MUSKY18

    MN Elk application is open

    ​Darn it No Wiser......that 5 bucks has been burning a hole in my pocket. Now what am I going to do with it?
  12. MUSKY18

    Nice story

    Very nice story. Hope that she is able to get into the top 6 and live out her dreams.
  13. MUSKY18

    Arrow Vanes

    Hey all.........was just wondering what type of vanes are the preferred vane for you. Right now I have Blazer's but have been looking at the new Helios vanes. Up until I bought these Maxima Red's with the Blazers, i was shooting Quick Spins. Honestly, I don't notice much difference between the two as far as my accuracy. Obviously shooting more and more and more and more is going to tighten my groups up that much more, so I guess that begs the question.......how much to vanes really make the difference?
  14. MUSKY18

    What's the plan for this fall?

    Right now my main focus is trying to find some land to hunt. The private land that we had permission to hunt on was sold off, unknown to us, and now I am scrambling to find some land to hunt for this fall. I might have a couple of spots lined up but they aren't the greatest whitetail spots in the world but I will make the best out of it. Still hoping to find some more land, but if not, I'll be hunting state land. Spending all this time looking for land has kinda taken the wind out of my sails in regards to looking out of state and with starting a new job, time off will be limited. However on the bright side.......two guys that I now work with both make annual trips to WY for antelope and mule deer, and one of them throws in CO as well. Last year in CO the guy shot a 180 3/8 mule deer on his last afternoon out. Those are definitely on tap for next year.
  15. MUSKY18

    Minnesota results available on line now!

    SWEET!! I'm in for 507B! Can't wait. First year chasing gobblers