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  1. Brian H

    Another Delmon Rant

    How come none of you experts ripped Gardy for moving Morneau to third in the batting order?
  2. Brian H

    Retaining wall

    only here. Thanks.
  3. Brian H

    Retaining wall

    I had posted about a retaining wall in Princeton. Anybody know where it went?
  4. Brian H

    Burress is released!!!!!!!

    When you fail to hold public figures such as athletes accountable how do you hold the youth of our country accountable? He is just another wannabe who got in trouble and it's time for him to pay. Adults are suppose to set the examples for the kids. Lock him up.
  5. Brian H

    Time for Lemaire to be shown the door?

    He only has the tools he is given to work with. He proved with the Devils that his system works. It may be boring to watch but, it works. There is not a coach in the NHL that could win with the bunch they have in St. Paul. Thank the Lord the NHL gives you a point for just showing up, otherwise they may not have hit 50 points this year.
  6. Brian H


    A long walk.
  7. Brian H

    Muskie Tournaments

    Contact the organizers. They will hook you up with a boater.
  8. Brian H

    Mets have given up all hope

    I think the Marlins winning that division would make for a better story anyway. Livan can only help that! For some reason I'm not a big Mets fan.
  9. Brian H

    They Shoot Pike, Don't They?

    They shoot pike, don't they? In the marshes of northern Vermont, the light shines dimly on a rare spring ritual. Anyone read this article from a 1992 time life magazine? As I remember it men would visit the backwater marshes of N. Vermont in the spring of the year, take an elevated position with high powered rifles and shoot large female pike. If anyone knows this article it would be great to post it. Last I heard there was legislation to ban it. I remember reading it and thinking that'd be cool, but wouldn't want to be in the marsh with a bunch of 30 06 lead flying around!! That is where you offered your opinion. I'm sure had you thought about it before posting you would have realized people would post their opinions. That's OK tho, freedom of speech is what this country was born on.
  10. Brian H

    Kind of ironic.............

    Wouldn't it be ironic if today was the day open water moved to the top of the page? Unbelievable the short amount of time it takes to pile up snow this time of year. Flakes are huge here.
  11. Brian H

    Goldwing Question

    Anybody know of any web sites for Honda Goldwing owners? Looking for a used Wing and thought that might be a good place to start. Thanks for the help........................
  12. Brian H

    Rainy Lake?

    Contact Woody's. They have or had a laminated set of maps that stretched from I-Falls out to the East end. It was a 7 piece set if I remember right. They cost in the neighborhood of $35.00 several years ago. I not sure of the cost today. I have the chip but I wouldn't leave the dock without the laminated set in my boat. It doesn't matter if this is your only trip to Rainy or if you go every week, this is the "must have" map for the lake IMHO. Go luck on your trip and have a great time!!
  13. Brian H

    Planting new pines

    I have a strip of land behind my house that I would like to plant seedlings in. Who would a person contact to find a tree planter? Would they also be able to put me on a suppliers of tree's? Anybody know the biggest tree you can run in the planters? Sherburne county if that helps. Thanks.
  14. Brian H

    Scratch Chad Cordero

    Only 27 years old?? Seems like he has been around forever.
  15. Brian H

    The Sheriff rides again

    Same old Denny Green. Not one thing has changed about him. He was on Mike & Mike this morning. Same conceited , arrogant S.O.B. he always was. For a guy who never has assembled his own team and won he sure thinks he is a great coach. They are trying to run their league the same way minor league baseball works. Trying to use players who are the last cuts from NFL camps. There will be no stars in the league. More of a developmental league if you ask me.