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  1. Anyone been up to Jackfish lately? We are making our annual Fall trip starting next Sunday. Would love any updates...like how are the rapids running? Hows the fisihing? We are the Decent sized Grey cabin on the island about one to 2 miles past the cut making your way towards the very far west end. Stop by if you happen to be up there next week. Thanks! Hoffer
  2. well heres quick update. Let it smoke adding chips for the first 6 hours. Then left it alon another 3 hours with no smoke. After this time it was at 184 degrees and stalling. I then wrapped it in foil and increased the heat to 250. After one hour it broke throuh the stall and hit 192. I left it on for another 30 minutes until it hit 195. I then took it off the smoker, still in the foil and wrapped it in a towel and placed in cooler for one hour. Took it out and took off a slice. It was crazy juicy, very nicely smoked, very good flavor. The surprise? The fatty cap was still very much in place it had hardly rendered down. Still had 1/2 inch of fat on top. Needless to say this is what probably kept it nice and juicy, however I was hoping to have a finished product with some "bark" and then juicy tender meat underneath. Not sure what to do for the next time? Possibly increase the heat for first 6 cooking hours from 225 to 250. However, worried that will possibly end up drying it out. Maybe I just had a cut that had too much of the fatty cap left?? Anyway, it was a very tasty, juicy, perfectly smoked result. Next time I would have no problem keeping the smoke going througout the first 8 hours...it definetey did not get too much smoke or get bitter. That also may have had to do with the chips I used...combo of appple/hickory. More mild than Mesquite.
  3. I posted earlier today something kind of like this on the beef brisket post. I have read and have been told that anything longer than 2 hours is moot. The thing is...why do the "experts" you see on TV pull thier stuff fom their smokers after 12 hours and smoke is still billowing out...
  4. OK. So I am going to "let it ride". Add some chips every hour or so. Right now its been on for about 5 hours. I plan to leave it on for another 3 hours. Then wrap it in foil and bring up the temp a little for the last hour so to get it past the "stall"
  5. My lovely, beautiful early rising wife started a Brisket in the smoker earlier this morning. (mix of Hickory and apple). My question is about how long to continue adding chips/smoke. (I use a 40 inch electric smoker). I have been researching and some say to only add smoke the first 2 hours or else it will get too powerful. However, when I watch various food network channels or similar and they focus on the famous restaurants or establishments known for smoking...they show the guy always opening the doors to the smoker after say 12 hours and the smoke is still billowing out. So do they use a different kind of smoker? It seems like they are the "experts" as they are doing this for a living. So...if anyone can clarify or explain what they do it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks Hoffer
  6. Ok. So finally got it up to 194 for about a half hour. We wanted to try it so bad so took it off. It was great!! Super tender, juicy. We just pulled a lottle off the top to try it and right now its resting for an hour in a pot with a cover. But it certainly pulled apart really nice and was super juicy and that was just on the very top near the bark. I think next time around I will give it a little more time. The last few hours, I had to turn the temp up to 250 to get it past the "stall" and up past 190 degrees. I am sure if I would have had a few more hours at a lower temp it would have done the same and most likely would have been even more juicy and tender. With that said, it has great bark and perfect flavor and is extremely "pull apart". Very happy with the results. Thanks for all the help here as always...greatly appreciated!!
  7. Well its been 9 hours and we are at 167. It took around 1 hour to just go from 160 to 167. I hope I didnt do the wrong thing...I turned it up now from 215 to 230 to see if I can get it to that magic temp. If not close in an hour, I am going to remove it and finish it in the oven.
  8. One other quick question. i am watching the temp creep up on the digitial thermo. It sounds like 190 to 195 is the magic temp. Once it hits that temp...do you take it our right away? Or should it stay at that temp for awhile? If so, how long? Thanks!
  9. Hi all. Well, I have the 7 pound boston butt in the smoker now for 5 hours. Its at 152 internal temp at the moment. I have read in some internet sites that at this point some take the butt and wrap it in aluminum foil, put back in the smoker and finish. Have you guys tried this? I am thinking I want to have more "bark" and I am afraid that if you wreap it in foil to finish it - the end result will be less "bark". But on the other hand, the aluminum foil wrap method captures much of the juice and you can add that back in once the pork has been pulled. Thought?
  10. One other question. Is there a kind of remote thermo you can use where it just stays inside and you read the temp from the outside? I looked online and found a few - but I think they are made for like outdoor grilling and not made to withstand high temps. If they dont make a remote one for a smoker can you recommend one with a small diamter cord that would work when I closed the door on the smoker? Last...where to buy?
  11. Thanks guys. Looks like I need an internal meat thermo. Have not used one yet. I have seen the ones with the small diamater cords. I have a smoker with a door. Do you think I could use this and still shut the door adequately? Appreciate all the advice...going to try one again this weekend and will let you know how it turns out.
  12. Leachlake I am not evcen getting to the point of bark. When I refer to the Pork as being "hard" I mean it doesnt get tender fall apart flaky...just still very solid overall. No where near being able to "pull" it.
  13. Thanks for the help guys. Sounds like I simply need to cook a little longer at slightly higher temps. I have an electric masterbuilt 40 inch smoker. One other question...do you keep the water pan filled the entire time? Oh..and what "cut" of meat do you use and where do you usually find it? Thanks again!
  14. Hi all. Have tried to do a Pork shoulder a few times in the smoker. My goal is to have a finished product for pulled pork sandwiches. Where the meat just shreds easily. So far, the few times I have tried it - it just comes out quite firm...like a big hunk of cooked Pork Definetely not shredable. I basically have just placed it in the cooker at around 200 degrees for 6 hours or so. Do I need to smoke it for a longer period of time? Higher temps? lower temps? Any kind of advice would be greatly appreciated!
  15. How did they turn out...and what did you do to prepare them for the smoker?
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