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  1. I agree open it early, just doesn't matter where I live although pastured ponds hold some in the area, but 50% of them in our town once hatched swim the 2 creeks to town and stay there, many dozens of pairs use those creeks for nest sites, the CO in our town should ban goose feeding by our wonderful veterinarian, another reason that delays them flying out and the same by some nut case west of town that feeds and feeds them. But I agree let the opportunity happen for those that have the right recipe for them August 9th. Fowlski not saying the DNR should structure or whatever but if they truly want them hunted some CO's should be given the leash to help it happen, when they are by the hundreds landing at the tech schools lineman field in the city limits it's just what is this hunt designed to do ? How about a few blanks fired there or a few orange scarecrows, heck I'll set em up. Then the molt migrants show up and that continues to go on through the usual early season, then by the regular season they finally are flying out a mile high lol and all the area grain is long plowed under so they search for chopped corn lol, hang on this hunt in our town is saving us hundreds of dollars in shells !
  2. Musky Buck

    MN Spring turkey permits on sale

    No range finder lol, for the archery turkey hunters ? What ? Wouldn't that be a great teaching tool to use with youth hunters so they can actually learn another way to field judge distance, a big fluffed tom can appear closer than it maybe really is idk.
  3. Musky Buck

    twins total wins

    Well Johan hit 81 on the gun and Sano is out so not that Johan was really in the cards but Sano hurts a bit, he maybe was worth a few wins especially later in the season.
  4. Musky Buck

    Medusa vs Bulldawg

    I wish I could type what I want to Mr. Klean but I can't give away my best secret to the world when it comes to dawgs or medusa's, they're both good baits, really good is all I can say about them but there's 1 secret for sure but it took me 24 years to figure out. PM me maybe and I'd share it with you for sure.
  5. Musky Buck

    Best Hunting in MN

    There's also about 20,000 worth of Balsam fir Christmas trees scattered about and the bucks love rubbing those big time.
  6. Musky Buck

    Best Hunting in MN

    People also want easy, they shouldn't because that lowers the trophy buck potential of the land, I have an 80 listed at 84,900 and has been on the market for like 4 years now in Ottertail County with 0 offers so there's land out there. Creek runs through it the 1/2 mile, lots of tamarac,willow,grass,cattail and a nice sized poplar,birch,ash, highground where the bucks scrape like crazy, 1 scrape can mean 15 bucks thanks to my t-cam has been the biggest piece of info ever, used to think 1 buck and the others wouldn't dare go near it, wrong. Only had 9 bucks at the scrape last year, anyway, there's stuff out there in places, but most want easy or ease, they want to build a cabin, they want 4 wheeler access, they want heated stands, etc. Well that isn't gonna happen most likely on this 80 but the hunting is very good and it is a top top area for muzzleloading, they move the rifle season back and I'm keeping it as they winter heavy in there and move in thick once things start to freeze, good luck.
  7. Musky Buck

    2013-2014 Winter Severity Index

    No doubt HockeyBC, this was Friday night in brutal wind, they were exposed and digging down in a plowed beanfield, I hunt that field otherwise I wouldn't know what was under it, maybe 30 of them, seemed like the standing corn deer that found it looked very good, very frisky and healthy, deer that got pinned by weather/snow or never found those fields are the ones that I wonder about, it is what it is and there is and will be some sort of a % of the deer that don't make it. When I think about deer feeding and do you think there's maybe 10,000 people/farmers that do it maybe in MN that might be too high I guess ? If so and they each have 10 deer coming daily, that is getting 1/8 of the deer population through winter, if the average is 20 deer per feeder then it's 2/8ths or 200K that get help making it through. Either way, I hope we get a better winter next year and thank heavens for wet corn this fall or it would be worse overall.
  8. Musky Buck

    2013-2014 Winter Severity Index

    Was on quite the tour this past weekend, definitely saw some Mille Lacs County deer that looked to be about done, saw other deer trying to dig through a beanfield that had been plowed last fall, those deer were in Ottertail County and why they were digging in our neighbors field when there's 0 or minimal food there I don't know. Let's say some warmer temps come they always do about now, is there enough nutrition to do them any good ? Saw a lot of deer, most looked very stressed, the snow pack is rock rock solid.
  9. Musky Buck

    twins total wins

    We don't have to face Detroits Scherzer or their 3rd guy they got from seattle I think they left detroit, White sox shaky, Royals decent staff and pen, hmmmmmmm idk, will go 75 wins, a few more if they don't already bench Mauer and like Willingham from August on etc. Should the ? be by all-star break because if we're toast already players will have hammy issues, bi-lateral leg weakness, headaches, flu like symptoms, phantom concussions, calf strains etc. If we're playing hard all the way through 75 wins and if not could be much less, April will tell us quite a bit, lol Twins
  10. Musky Buck

    Great Lakes region take 484 wolves

    Brule down considerably ? Maybe in Virginia,MN, what about the packs now expanding into, forget that they've already expanded 5 years ago now, Ottertail,Wadena,Todd,Morrison, counties, they're just running out of moose and deer in the NE so they've done the smart thing go find food elsewhere. If you want we can live trap em and send em back up your way, the federal trapper took 24 of them in OT. county a few years ago and he told my best friend he barely really made a dent because as he was kinda wrapping things up he could still hear several packs howling in many directions and that county has some serious size to it. I think they're just spread out a lot more than they once were due to food sources. I'm not for wiping them out no, but like any other predator in the state thanks to humans, their numbers need to be held in check. I think we're helping them by hunting them and reducing competition for them amongst themselves.
  11. Musky Buck

    MDHA/MN DNR listening sessions

    With ya LandDr, it's a reference I made on a different topic yesterday, forget "organizations" lets be honest those are for raffle tickets and gun drawings, DNR forget them to, do what you can control in a helpful way to MN's wildlife. Monitor your own 40 or 80acres or whatever, from there check the rest of the section the land is in and go from there, we can't blanket this great state, we have diversity from north to south east to west, people need to start small and work outward, not the other way around, winter and wolves and predators in general have some say always about wildlife populations. It's always been food,water,shelter and that'll always be the case, not every organization is bad no, but for me to support a duck organization cmon, they've been extinct for 20 years now or more, same with grouse, honestly how great do you think it can get in a way, we're sitting closer together, we have longer seasons talking old zone 4, we all can bow muzzleload cheat the tagging system/registration systems if we want to, we are going to go through more peaks and valleys it's just we have less patience primarily due to quick hitting technologies, meaning if this were 1983 and the deer situation you wouldn't hear or even know much, now a click on a machine can send tirades and bellyaching with ease. We see the world coming to an end everytime there's any issue, IT MUST BE FIXED NOW ! It's a process, it takes time, and it may or may not always work, it's too bad "getting" or what'd ya get is always question 1, a few milder winter/springs would help a bunch, start with the small picture and move forward, don't forget what it was like to enjoy all the thrills of hunting, hope to get one at a younger age turns into I better get one as an aging hunter, why'd any of us take up a gun at 13 to hunt deer, because it was fun, exciting, filled with the unknown and known, can it be better sure of course, could it even be worse I'm afraid so, now lets go plant some trees in July when Winter is finally done
  12. Musky Buck

    nonresident deer tag cost

    Don't raise it do raise it, they'll hire another person and that will wipe out any sort of expected intake of money. I did like reading about the dogs chasing deer, we sure get wildly bent out of shape about that yet a timberwolf is a dog that actually finishes the job. I think those dairy farms over the St. Croix are maybe positive for the deer, since we've lost 95% of our small dairy farms wildlife in general has gone downhill ever since, ducks down, grouse gone, pheasants can't hide in crop farmers plowed fields when they need it the most, winter, so owls eagles and hawks can really pick them off when they're in the open snowshoe hares gone, deer, at least the truly adult animals, minimal. I see this thread/topic as an overall part of the large puzzle to the piling up of issues that are now on the front burner here in MN. I think the answer like many have said is do what "you" can to try and create, manage or whatever what you can control, forget about organizations or DNR, just do what you can do, idk lol, raising NR license fees I don't think that would do much good, we may feel better about it, but to have that impact our wildlife much seems like a punt at best.
  13. Couldn't agree more Kettle with farmers, my buddy and I pulled up a driveway and now we get to stay at the 2nd farmhouse for free anytime we want but we have to call ahead a month or so, can you believe in 2014 that can happen ? I was floored, the clincher was we didn't say hey can we please hunt your 5 thousand acre farm ? We asked the guy waht's winter like, etc. how's farming ? crp, etc. we were like 3 hours in lol, we told them where we're from what we do, etc. etc. and he was like how much is a motel in Oakes lets say ? We told him he was like you know what, if you promise to eat suppers with us, you can stay at the other house anytime you want, the kicker "for free" ! Of course we bring them jerky,venison polish, etc. a mixture of goodies even some walleye and now the rest is history, unreal !
  14. Musky Buck

    Great Lakes region take 484 wolves

    I see the result as there will be roughly 9,000 more deer around to be hunted and or even more considering how many pregnant does will now make it, small amount but with the past 2 winters here in the Midwest doesn't hurt to have a few more deer around. Kinda crazy how it all worked out, wolf season in MN started the year of the first tough more spring then winter and followed by season 2 on the wolves which is climbing to the most below zero nights aiming for the top 5 all time and low deer numbers making browse competition even lower. The wolf hunt timing was impeccable.
  15. Musky Buck

    2013-2014 Winter Severity Index

    lol but should be tranquilizing these excess does and moving them north lol.