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  1. Hey guess what! We're in the 8th spot in the west! The mediocrity of this franchise is unbelievable.
  2. Top in the league for goals but almost last for shots. Dubnyk is up there for GAA too. Nice to see them put a beating on Dallas tonight. Graovak just scored his first goal, Suter has 10 pts, Staal has 4 goals, 17 people have scored goals now? There's lots of positives right now.
  3. Not exactly playing the top tier teams on that road trip but hopefully it gives them momentum. Ek looks like he belongs out there and that shot he had last night was rediculous, what a snipe. Dubnyk looks solid too which is nice to see. Sabres outshot and outplayed them last night but wild took advantage of their chances and Dubnyk got the shutout. Anyone notice that the oilers are 6-1??? After all these years of sucking and having high draft picks.. Are they the real deal?
  4. Going to be an interesting year. We have speed but no skill and no size. Our goaltending is shaky at best imo. I don't think Boudreau's system was the right answer and I also think they'll miss the playoffs. The last 2 nights haven't helped my outlook either.. We still can't seem to win on the road. Oh and Aundra Martin is no Jamie Hersh.
  5. I'm told that the Lakers that lay on the bottom are inactive and rarely bite. So my question for the guys running downriggers is, do you still run your downriggers at consistent depths like 30 or 60 fow hoping to find active feeding trout or do you go where the fish are and run your balls down close to the bottom hoping you can get them to bite?
  6. I've decided to go with Aluminum and should be picking up my new boat this Saturday. I just don't want to risk damaging the gel coat and I don't really fish big water all that often but if I do, a 20' lund should be fine. One thing that intrigues me though is how about getting a power pole and pushing the boat from shore and anchoring it and tying it to a tree? That might be the ticket.
  7. So Edmonton offered Nugent-Hopkins for Seth Jones and the Wild offered Brodin for Johansen and Jones ended up going to Columbus for Johansen. Sooooo I say deal Brodin for Nugent Hopkins!
  8. we have a few spots on V that we beach the boat and swim. you always have to be careful, sometimes the beach looks good but there's still a ton of rocks under the water. Not only that but if someone snags a Muskie bait up on the rocks, I don't want to scuff the boat.
  9. I'm in the market for a new boat this Spring. We fish mainly Lake Vermilion and other shield lakes like, Kabetogema, Rainy, LOTW, Namakan, Crow, Manitou, Lac Seul and others. We'll be camping and beaching the boat a fair amount in some pretty rocky areas. What are your guy's thoughts on having glass vs aluminum? My budget is around $40k and the boats I'm looking at are: Used Skeeter 1850, 1880,1900,1910 or a Used Ranger 619, 620, 621 or a used Lund Pro V 1875, 1900 or a new or used Alumacraft Tournament Pro 185. Thanks for the replies.
  10. Yup I agree, it was a dirty hit.. But we don't have anyone that can make him pay for it and the refs only gave him a minor so carry on. Duubnyk is amoungst the leagues worst goalies for the start of the season and yet we're 7-2-1. We better keep scoring a lot of goals.
  11. Our Defense and goaltending scares me, we are smaller than ever and Duubnyk still looks unproven to me.. I hope we can score a lot of goals this season. And the West is on fire again.. It's going to be another very tough season.
  12. Folin doesn't need to go through waivers to be sent down so they will be ok on that. Stewart signed for $1.75m on a 1 yr deal and I think the Ducks got a steal. That guy will be a beast on the 4th line and they didn't have to pay much for him.
  13. I'll add a Woohoo! Nice to see this team destroy an arguably top tier team. They played great playoff hockey. The whole team played solid.
  14. 6 goals on 17 shots. I hope that wasn't the end for Duubnyk's dream ride. He looked absolutely horrible.
  15. Quote:I like Stewarts approach which is basicly, im going to hit Ott in the head someday its just not going to be in this series...lol Unfortunately it will never happen and they all know it. Ott never fights enforcers or even middle weight fighters for that matter. In the last 5 years he has fought 2 wild players, Kyle Brodziak and Darroll Powe. Remember when he and Clutterbuck were going back and forth when he was in Dallas? It was a joke back then and he's still a joke. Ott has had one good season where he scored 22 goals and other than that is has been a none contributor. And I love how the Strib is absolutely tearing Ott apart every day. Players like Stewart are what we need. Players like Ott should be out of the league.
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