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  1. any no wake lakes in the area? i'm heading to north sand, wondering if I should bring the tube for the kids
  2. our uncle has a place on that lake. it is on the nw side a couple places n of the boat launch. I have never ice fished there but do decent on crappies all year. It is a beautiful lake. It is tough to fish.
  3. rookie44

    My attempt at decoy carving

    what kind of wood do you guys use?
  4. rookie44

    Your Lakes Clarity

    not clear at all. usually is
  5. rookie44


    put me next in line please. [email protected]
  6. rookie44

    Decoy carvers out there?

    I was thinking of giving it a shot. What kind of wood is best for decoys?
  7. anyone have any luck for the opener?I saw 4 caught but none myself.caught 5 walleyes though.