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To insulate floor or not????


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I have just picked up an FM Roadking 6.5 - 14 foot frame and will be starting the house soon. I have read some posts about insulating floors and some say not to insulate. What are the pro's and cons of insulating versus not insulating? Is there a lot more comfort or not? If insulating , is the sandwich method the best or insulate between the frame and flooring? I probably have a thousand other questions , but I have been getting a lot of them answered over at Aqua's post on building. You guys are the greatest. What a wonderful source of collectable knowledge. It is appreciated. Thanks.. Doug

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tightlines, I have been considering buying one of these frames, they look great,if could when your done building the house I would like to get some ideas from you on what worked, maybe what you would do different and so on, hope you enjoy the new house. Adam

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Check out the topic called "Building crank-up style fish house" a little further down the list in the Ice Fishing Main Forum. There's about every thing you'd want to know about pros and cons of everything from insulating the floor to the type of roof material.

Good luck!


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Yes, insulate the floor! Then make yourself some hole sleeves that run from the top of the floor to the top of the ice. Install some small 12V fans. You'd be amazed how well your holes stay open on those really cold days on the ice.

Also, the sandwhich method isn't needed. In fact I would recommend not using it. I insulated the floor of my fishhouse with 2" rigid and glued it in place with PL300 and then used some small straps to help hold it in place while the glue was setting up. This rigid insualtion is the strong stuff, it will hold up to moisture and other elements much longer then plywood will. If you put the plywood on the outside, your plywood will rot out much sooner then anything else and also you can end up trapping moisture between the two layers and the result is a sponging floor.

Good luck and if you want ideas your welcome to come look at my 8'x16' shack.

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In My house I have a 1/2" Green Treated on bottom, 1/2" foam in the middle, 1/2" green treated on top. I would insulate if I were you it isn't necessary but it is really nice in Jan. to have.

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