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  1. I'm wondering if anyone has some suggestions for campgrounds that may fit what we are looking for as a family (wife and 2 1/2 year old, #2 on the way). We are camping with a pickup camper and pulling a boat. So ideally we launch and setup camp and don't start the truck again until its time to come home. #1 Decent panfish lake - I need to get my 2 1/2 year old on some good action #2 Dock or safe shoreline space so we can launch once and leave the boat for the weekend #3 Swimming area (lake or pool) #4 Electric hookup, water a bonus and sewer even more of a bonus #5 Playground #6 Showers and bathrooms are a big bonus with a pregnant wife #7 Within 3 hours of the cities We have camped at various places and have yet to find the ideal place. With #2 kid on the way my time to scout out places this year is going to be limited. We'd like to find a place we can frequent 2-3 times a year. We love camping at Onegume on Little Cutfoot, but reservations for lake side sites have become so hard to get and there really isn't an ideal swimming area there. We camped last weekend at Big Sandy Federal Dam site. This was nice and near ideal. Its just that we couldn't put fish together on this lake, ideally we find something smaller than Big Sandy. Any advice on campgrounds? State, Federal or private? Thanks
  2. I'll be there also - me plus one more. Haven't been up to the chain in a couple of years. Should be a good time!
  3. Thanks for all the e-mails and help, unfortunately the family has found a rental property that does not allow dogs, so they will have to wait until their own is rebuilt to start thinking about this again.
  4. Still looking - puppy or younger dog. Perfer younger dog at this point.
  5. I was just digging into younger dogs and this may be the best route! Just didn't think they would be this readily available, more so than puppies. This may work out well. Thanks for the e-mail I am looking into it.
  6. I have a huge favor to ask, as I am trying to help a family out who just yesterday lost everything. You may have heard about the Mero family in Buffalo whose home burned to the ground yesterday. All of the family is safe as none of them were home, however all three of the family's black labs were stuck inside the home as it burned. Dylan, the family's 9 year old boy is heart broken about having lost his "buddies". The home and everything inside is completely gone. The family will be into a rental home very soon. I am one of Kim's co-workers and a dog lover as Kim and her family are too. I just know how happy Dylan would be to have a new buddy this Christmas having just lost his. If by chance you have puppies available, would you have the ability to donate a puppy to this family this Christmas? If not donate would you be able to help out in some way? Here is a link to the news story from Channel 9 news, the video is also there: http://www.myfoxtwincities.com/dpp/news/Fire-Destroys-Home-in-Buffalo-dec-17-2009 Thank you for your consideration. please send me an e-mail if you can help in some way eyzfishin at gmail dot com
  7. So I guess I missed some posts that were deleted already. I was driving to pick up my boat on Friday and Saturday and just now checking back in with this. I really never considered capsizing, that wouldn't be good. I still wonder though, my thoughts are more about keeping a kid in one place, one who wants to get off the seat and walk around while the boat is in motion. He's 18 months old now and not ready for being on the water for any amount of time right now, but I know I would have a hard time taking him out by myself at this age. There is no way he would sit in that seat while the boat was in motion. Maybe in another 8-12 months this will change? Would be nice if there was a product that worked for both in motion and then let loose when capsized? What's more likely, capsizing or a big wave hitting the boat wrong and bouncing us around? or out? Of course we all need to drive our boats as the conditions and the passengers warrant. But sometimes it does mean getting on the gas a little, to avoid an in coming storm? get on top of the waves to smooth things out? There are reasons and times, I'm just trying to think ahead here. My family never owned a boat until I was 14, so I've never known how to deal with really little ones in a boat. Fishing is a family activity and I want to my son to grow up enjoying the sport, after all he's going to get to fish in one nice rig growing up!
  8. Does anyone own and use a boat seat harness for your kids? I will be the new owner of a 2006 Ranger 621VS in just a few days and for the next handful of years it would be nice to have a boat harness for one of the seats in the boat. Kind of like a car seat for a car, but for a boat seat. Something simple that attaches around the boat seat pedestal and wraps around the boat seat and holds them in it. Don't want to bounce the kid out. Let me know if you have seen anything like this.
  9. Doc says they can't test for fresh water fish allergies. Thinks I should just be careful about it. Take heartburn pill in advance if I want to eat it. Hopefully I will grow out of it like I seem to have grown into it.
  10. When's the last time you checked the air pressure in your spare? Probably been a while - and don't expect the local tire shop who does your rotations to have checked it either. I was preparing tonight for a trip to Montana. Figured I would make a quick check on everything. Well my spare had a whopping 25 psi in it. Air that baby up and now we are good to go. Just a reminder out there to everyone to take a few minutes to check the air in your spare. It could save you a big head ache in the future.
  11. It doesn't matter what lake, BWCA, Mille Lacs, Upper Red, Alexandria lakes or small metro lakes. And its not limited to walleyes, same effect from crappies, bluegills and pike. It also doesn't matter if its open water or ice fishing season. Fresh or frozen fillets. Plain and simply sucks. Should probably bring it up with my dr next time I'm in.
  12. Neighbor Guy, did you get the heartburn from it? Or some other side effect?
  13. I should note I don't get heartburn from anything else....nothing! I'm thinking this could be an allergy possibly?
  14. Wondering if anyone has any experience with this. I love to catch and eat fish, specifically walleye. About 2 years ago while on an ice fishing trip I experienced heartburn for the first time in my life. I didn't even know what heartburn was until this time. I experienced it after eating fried walleyes and crappies. Ever since then the same thing happens, fried or baked, it doesn't matter. And it sets in really quickly too, like after just a couple of bites of walleye. This heartburn can be something very fierce too, like cripple me over and cry about it pain! I can eat sushi, shrimp and other salt water fish with no problem, but for some reason the fresh fish that are near and dear to my life cause me this problem. I seem to find relief by taking an acid reflux pill a few hours before the meal, but usually I forget or don't know we are having fish for dinner that night. Any ideas? Anyone else have a similar experience?
  15. Found a pair of thong panties in my dogs kennel after he stayed with my sisters. I think he threw them up after consuming them, at least they came out this way. I have to say he does have good taste in panties, Victoria Secret thong!
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